Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I got a letter in the mail from Ahren today! He has been assigned to Platoon 3116, Company M, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, which has 70 recruits. The senior drill instructor is Sgt Bennett. Graduation date is December 19, 2008.
You can only mail First Class or Priority Mail. Do not send: Candy or any other edible items. Tobacco products. Alcohol, drugs. Pornographic material. Weapons or ammunition. Gambling devices (playing cards, dice, etc). Radios, phones or cameras. Flammable materials (lighters, matches, fireworks, etc). Letters and small packages are the only authorized mail due to the limited space.
Write to:
RCT Miller, Ahren P.
PLT 3116, 3rd, Bn, Co M
PO Box 16355
Parris Island, SC 29905-6355

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Hi! My name's nena and this is very random, I know. But I was just browsing the internet, seeing what I could dig up from searching the new address I got today, for my fiance. I was lead to your page, and found out that ironically your son and my fiance are in the same platoon!

    Looks like we'll be in Parris Island on December 19th to see our boys become marines!

    I have never seen this 'blogger.com' before and I'm not even sure I know how to use it.. but I just had to make an account just to say that :)

    I wish your family the best!

  2. Nena, I am looking forward to meeting you. I'm glad you figured out how to "blog". If you don't mind me asking: what is your fiance's name. I'd like to write to my son and mention your post. Please keep in touch and hang in there, December 19th will be here before you know it!!

  3. I'm glad you wrote me back! I wasn't sure what you would think of a random person posting on your page.. His name's Jared Stoppard. I'm going to have to tell him about it too.

    Where are you guys from??

  4. Hi Nena,
    We are from Douglassville, PA. It is about 35-45 minutes west of Philadelphia. And you? Feel free to email me at ttmillers@comast.net

  5. We're from Lancaster.. and I sent you an email!

  6. Nena, I didn't get the email. Can you send it again. ttmillers@comcast.net

  7. I tried to attach a picture to the email which is why it didnt send, im pretty sure.. My email address is Lacevita717@comcast.net so you know what to look for in case it works this time! I forgot to make a subject haha!

    I don't email often! I'll have to learn. :)


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