Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Phone call home

Monday night at midnight we got a call home from Ahren. We were in bed when the phone rang and Todd nudged me to get it. I picked up the cell phone and said "hello" in a sleepy voice. I hear Todd say "honey, the other phone." oops I picked up the wrong phone. (in my defense, I was half asleep). I picked up the other phone to hear a recording. At first I thought it was a political ad, it sounded so upbeat. By the time I realized it was a recording from Ahren, the message was already at the end. He said he arrived at Paris Island and we would not hear from him in 7 (or 70) days. Once again, I was half asleep and also hard of hearing. So, I will keep you all up to date. Hopefully the next phone call I will be awake enough to hear!!

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