Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ahren's coming home....

Dear Family and Friends, I have some sad news to share. Last night I received a phone call from Ahren's 1st Sgt. Ahren is being sent home in two weeks and will no longer be in the Marines. To sum up their reasoning: they said Ahren is not qualified to be in the military because he took an anti-depressant at one time. I was briefly able to talk to him and his spirits sound okay. I told him we were proud of him for having the guts to try the miliarty and that we loved him. If you have recently mailed a letter, he can still get his mail.

1 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. That's horrible! I can't believe that they have that rule - who do they think they are - Tom Cruise? Getting the meds you need is a responsible way to act - don't they want responsible people in the military? I really hope that this doesn't throw Ahren too far off track - God must have a different plan for him. Let's just hope He reveals it soon!


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