Monday, December 29, 2008

Sookie Stackhouse

Some blogging buddies have commented that they finally saw the Twlight movie and loved it. If you are craving more vampire stuff, here's the books for you!

I've been expanding my reading horizons over the last few months, and thus came across at least one book (thanks to my friend, Heather) I would almost certainly have never chosen to read on my own: Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark, the first in the author's surprisingly popular Southern Vampire Mysteries series.
In simplest terms, this book was a fun, breezy read that won't win any grand fiction prizes, but was a worthwhile and refreshing lark that breathed some much-needed life into the image of the modern vampire.
The main charachter in Dead Until Dark is a 25-year-old high school-educated Louisiana waitress named Sookie Stackhouse who lives with her grandma and just happens to be able to read minds. No grand dames and immortal heiresses to be found here, just a little Southern-fried supernatural mischief.

Where Harris really shines is in crafting a believably flawed, ordinary, yet entertaining cast. Sookie's telepathy lets Harris instantly sound off and every other character's internal motivations–a great trick for a writer looking to quickly sketch out a town full of folk–including the womanizing yet well-meaning brother, suspicious and prejudiced sheriff, or standoffish yet protective barkeep. By the time she's done, Harris has given us a glimpse at vampire society, winked at the Southern obsession with the American Civil War, taken a quick shot at Anne Rice-ish vamp-goth groupies, and even snuck in the unlikeliest celebrity-turned-immortal-bloodsucker you're ever likely to read. All in under 300 pages. It's the horror-fantasy equivalent of a beach novel.

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  1. I am forwarding this post to my co-worker as she LOVES this genre. Have a fabulous day Miller Family!! xo

  2. I was surprised to find I like it too! :)


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