Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blog Award

This award goes to the following blogs:

Rules: pick 5 blogs that you love or enjoy the most and pass along the award! It's that simple!

ps. make sure you post the award on your blog!!

5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Tami, thank you for that little award, I was quite touched. Glad your boy is okay.

  2. Tami thanks for the award! I really appreciate all your comments and support! Have a great week!

  3. Hi Tami Thanks! Wow what an honor. I respect your blog a lot too. Even though I do not know you or your family or friends, I feel right at home!

    Now --- how do I post the award on my blog?? I am not a genius with the computer..... xo

  4. Tami,
    Thank you for the award! I always find myself a little down the day the boys go back to school after Christmas break so the award has made me feel better today. Thanks!
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. I feel so lucky to have made many friends this year. Thanks for the friendship and support from all of you!!
    To post on your blog you have to go to Layout and put it on the side bar as a new gadget. I hope that helps.


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