Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm crying happy tears right now. Thanks girls for lifting my spirits. I really appreciate hearing what everyone has to say. I needed that uplift and all of you were there for me.

It's scary feeling like you are alone. (Especially when I have a house full of all men/boys ~ who seem to think that "MOM" is crazy!) Did you ever feel that way? I'm so glad I started this blog. I have been able to keep in touch with friends and make so many more! Imagine me reaching through your computer screen and ((((((hugging)))))) you!

Todays weather has brought us an icky day ~ and I had to go into work ~ blah! It snowed, but then it rained ontop of it and now everything is a big slushy mess. But I am feeling much better knowing I am surrounded by love and friendship! Sorry this sounds so sappy. Like a hallmark card! ha!

I got up this morning, drank a hot cup of tea and read a little. Bless my son ~ Zach asked me if I had to work and I said "yes, but Dad has to clear the snow out of the driveway first". He took it upon himself to shovel the driveway and sidewalks, in addition to clearing off my van (which was covered in snow and ice). He is such a sweet boy, turning into a wonderful man. (Someday his future wife better thank me!! haha!)

Have a wonderful day!
Hugs and Kisses,

6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I'm glad your having a better day and your are surround by lots of love. Your boys/Men show you in the little ways they know how! Hang in there Tami I feel your pain. :)

  2. what a sweet old is he? glad your day is going...:) have a good one!

  3. It takes a sensitive person to raise a sensitive child, celebrate that!
    Always there to listen Tami :)

  4. Tami, many times men just don't "get it" Mars and Venus... we are all here for you! Glad you are improving! Stay warm, cozy and safe in your home... xo

  5. Keep warm, keep your chin up, and know that you are loved and appreciated!

  6. I am totally overwhelmed by everyone's comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really has helped cheer me up and I can feel the love from each and everyone of you!
    ps. Zachary will turn 14 next month.


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