Thursday, January 8, 2009


Did I ever mention that I am addicted to Pepsi?? I can drink at least 6 sodas a day and not be affected by the caffeine. (other than headache withdrawl if I try to stop drinking pepsi - which, if you ask me, is a conspiracy). So far my teeth have been able to stay white too.

Now that I have decided to try to eat healthier, I am having a hard time staying away from Pepsi. I hate diet sodas! Despise them! ug! I tried Pepsi Max. It doesn't have a horrible aftertaste like diet sodas, but it has ginseng in it - so if I drink too many, my belly hurts.

So what is a Pepsi addict to do? ~sigh~

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  1. I feel your pain I try and give up Diet Coke so many times, oncfor 8 weeks and I thought I would notice a difference and I did not so I started right up again. It is really expensive here and its Coke Cola Light which taste different but again still drinking it. I always say to myself if I have so much water then I can have my DC. I love the Crystal Lite mix ins have really help me to move past sodas. Good Luck! Also heard something about taking magnisium to help with caffine withdrawl google it to check or sure.

  2. My mom was a addicted to Pepsi too. She would even drink one during her shower before going to bed. I guess it is all in what you are use to. I only drink diet drinks, the real stuff taste so sweet to me and I don't like the aftertaste. I love Diet Coke so, I really can't help you with the Pepsi addiction because I have one too.

  3. you are better off to drink the real thing...without the chemicals ....even if you gave up 50% of what you are drinking now that would be huge....hang in there girl!

  4. Thanks for all the support. Yesterday I tried Diet Lipton White Tea. It's just okay. I don't mind diet Snapple Tea. I do worry about the "fake" sugar in diet drinks. I cannot imagine that they are healthy for you. Good news though! I am taking a nutrition course beginning the end of January. I am hoping that will kick my butt in gear!

  5. Go to water. Use bottled water and you get the effect of drinking out of a bottle like with soda. It will take a while but always keep a bottle of water within arms length. GET OFF THE SODA!
    Uncle Kent


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