Monday, January 19, 2009

Phone Charms

I got these really cut phone charms from
One says "hockey mom" and the other is a lacrosse stick. The photo isn't great, so you will have to check out the website!

I found the website from a fellow blogger. (I think I have this right, Kathy tell me if I'm wrong). Kathy from has a sister from "Preppy Player" has the website of sports goodies! I love it!

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Those charms are so cute, but the iPhone has no place to hook any up... I have not bought a cover for mine yet. xo

  2. Some friends have Blackberry and say they have no hooks either. You could always put it on your purse or keychain.

  3. So cute Tami yes that is my sister and her site does have great things for sports. I love the phone charms my daughter and I have the same phone.

  4. Thanks Tami! Nice endorsement and I do appreciate it.
    I also like your new blog header!

  5. Preppyplayer: Thank you for the extas you put in with my order! I appreciate it! :)


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