Saturday, January 24, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Normally I am not a horror flick fan. So you are probably wondering why I am talking about Underworld. I really am hooked on these movies. I think "Twilight" put a vampire bug in me. Friday night I went to the movies with Joette and Heather to see the third Underworld movie. This one is a prequel to the other two movies. The film opens with a monologue by Sonja about the vampires and Lycans and how the vampires began enslaving the Lycans. It also shows Lucian's birth and how Viktor (the head vampire) spared him, making him the first second-generation Lycan. Then it fast fowards to Lucian's teen years as he fights a group of Death Dealers and defeats them all. Viktor, genuinely impressed, decides to make more second-generation Lycans for the benefit of the coven. Unknown to Viktor, his young daughter, Sonja, develops an attraction to the young Lycan, and Lucian becomes fond of Sonja as well. You really should see the first movie to understand this one.

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