Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This BFF award goes to 4 friends nominated for being a great blogging friend. My 4 BFFs are listed below. In order to nominate a BFF you must list their blog and a reason why they were nominated.
Judy is the best hockey mom I know! Her blog is about her family and two sons. I love how Judy is a dedicated mom.
Jenny is a new friend from Australia. I love Jenny's scrapbooking pages. She is a very creative person and I admit I steal her scrapbooking ideas!! :)
Patty is a fellow sports mom that I got to know from her sister Kathy. I love her sense of humor.
Kathy is one of the best blogger friends I have. She is currently living in Germany. She is always there when I need a smile!

To all my other BFFs! I love you all!

4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Thanks Tami your are too kind. Right back at you, you have brighten many of my lonely days here and Germany and I thank you for that.

  2. Tami,
    How nice! I feel honored and I feel the same about you.
    And, thank you for your business! Your order will go out today, check the package as there will be a little surprise in there :)
    Thanks again

  3. Oh Patty! I can't wait!!! I LOVE surprises!

  4. Tami,
    Thanks, I too feel very honored. Thanks for being such a wonderful blogging friend. I am hoping we see each other in an ice rink someday!


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