Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Day!

I feel GREAT! It must be the removal of the stress in my life! YIPEE!
After work I stopped in a consignment store and picked up some kids toys. I got a little tikes picnic table and other cute things.
The boys helped me clear out the dinning room to make room for all the toys. We had fun digging out some of their old toys I had stored away.
I need to get some shelves and a toy box.
Next I am going to make flyers to pass around the neighborhood.
I am a busy little bee!
Hope everyone is having a good day!

3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Yes, the sun is shining, the snow is melting and our little neighborhood moose is adorable.

  2. Sounds like you are on the right track...I wish you continued good luck in your life change for the better.

  3. you go girl! change is exciting and invigorating, you are a strong women and thanks for sharing your story......we all have our skeletons...


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