Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I started working for my dad part time in 1995. I computerized everything, created invoice templates, billing systems, payroll, taxes, scheduling - you get the picture. Eventually it turned into full time. For awhile it was nice because his business was small and I could work at home, while rasing my boys. In 2004 my dad purchased another company and an office building. I've been lucky to only work part time (average 25-26 hours a week) so that I could still be home when my boys were home from school. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I work until 1:30, Tuesday and Thursday I work until 3pm. And he pays me well for working part time.
Sounds perfect, right?
My dad is not the easiest person to work with. He has a mean spirit about him and has a way of bringing you down. Mentally and emotionally. My job is not difficult (you just have to been an organized person); however, I still find it hard to get up in the morning and go to work. My heart is just not in it. I started blogging to help me get through the day. (My blogging buddies have kept me sane).
Today when I came to work my dad was in a foul mood. One never knows what sets off these moods. He announces that beginning in April he wants me to work from 9 - 4 every day at the same rate of pay and if I don't like it I can take a pay cut. (I am quoting him - he really does sound like that).
That's not the end. He also says that if I need to take days off I can use my vacation time. Now I must mention that last year I took ONE WEEK of vacation. And when I am on vacation my mother fills in and calls me with questions all the time! I don't over use my vacation time because I do take off days if I am sick or if the kids need to go to the doctors. (These are his grandchildren!).
Last week while the office painting was going on, Brandon was sick Thursday and Friday. He stayed home from school. I went to work Thursday leaving my son home alone. Friday I took him to the doctors and then came into work with him. Monday was a huge snow storm and I came in for about an hour to type of the work for the technicians for the next day. How many employees do you know would do that? This is the thanks I get for trying to help him run his business in an efficient way! He really doesn't understand how much I do and how quickly I get things done. I do a great job! The work ethic out there isn't always as good as what I give.
I am hurt and angry. I want to quit, but am stuck money wise for right now. Todd will be getting a raise in September. I will be getting a degree by next year. I want to teach nursery school. So things will change. I just have to hold in there until then.

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  1. Tami dont react yet maybe its just a bad day with the econimy and all. Let him cool off and revist the discussion later. Maybe make a list of everything you have done and do. Also do a search of what office managers get paid and see if you are inline and sit down with him and have a civil discussion. Breathe! I know it is hard I worked for my brother in law for 7 years (italian Jersey boy)Its hard!

  2. I hung in there for so many years. I am burnt out, tired of all the commotion. I won't do anythng rash. I just know something has to change. Thank you for the good advice.

  3. I agree with my sister Tami. Sounds like he took out a bad mood on you. ( by the way, the Frau did not work for MY husband!)

    Hang in there, maybe he won't stick to the 4:00 time or you can offer up your lunch so that you can still leave at 3:00.

    It is tough to work for family, they don't always appreciate it.

  4. it is never easy working with/for family....i did it when i was in high school, my dad sold oldsmobiles and i did the bookwork and pumped gas (which i liked....trying to p/up boys) :)
    but, there is now way i could work for him now, and feel bad for all that do....
    hang in there, do your job and start looking at your options...ya never know what might come up...

  5. Working for a dad seems like such a perfect job, but I can see that is not always the case. I am so sorry you are going through this. I can see where each morning you would question what kind of mood you are going to find your dad in. I hope and pray he did not mean what he said. I also hope the next year goes by fast so you can teach nursery school. Tomorrow is a new day and I pray it is a good one for you!

  6. As the day goes on I am feeling a bit better about the situation. Perhaps it took something like this to get me to decide what I want to do with my future. :)

  7. Hang in there Tami! Just give your Dad a spritz of Pest Control Spray!! Or eat some Tasty Cakes.

    I work for my husband in the law practice. Most days it is lovely. Some days I need Pest Control Spray spritz....it is just not a picnic between him, clients, judges, opposing counsel, deadlines, co-workers, etc.... No job is ever going to be perfect. At least you can bring Ellie with you! Give her a walk to chill out, and be thankful for your lovely marriage, home, sons, dogs, family and friends. Meanwhile, I agree with everyone else, research your options, but be aware that you just might have the perfect job for your needs right now. The grass always seems greener on the other side...... We are there for YOU! OH, I answered your dog question in my commetns....xoxoxo

  8. Hang in there Tami. I know how it feels to be stuck like that, knowing you're more than you get credit while getting a pretty bad deal. I spent years working for and with someone I couldn't stand but didn't have any immediate options. It motivated me make the right moves. You'll get there. You got your friends to lean on.

  9. Thanks gang! Todd and I have a lot to talk about tonight. Wish me luck! :)

  10. Dear Tami, I really feel for the situation you are going through. I have had jobs before that I hated, and I know how hard it is to drag yourself through the day, and the moments when you first get up are always the worst. Perhaps his last 'blow up' is a catalyst for you to make some changes. I hope that you and Todd can make a plan that you are both happy about. It's so hard when you rely on the income - would be so nice, to think you didn't have to work. Even if you can't do anything now, there are options for your future, that aren't too far away. I hope and pray that you can remain strong and focussed on what you need to do. It's such a a terrible shame, that your Dad doesn't appreciate you enough. He is sure going to miss you when you go! And then it's too late for him.


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