Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Schooling

As many of you know, I am beginning an in-home child care service. I would like to provide a curriculum for the children ages 2 to 4. I recently signed up for and I was wondering if any of the home school moms out there in my blog world had any recommendations.

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  1. I am not a homeschool mom, (shudder) but one HUGE thing I recommend...
    Nap time.
    Call it quiet time, whatever. But I believe anyone under the ages of five needs a rest around 1pm each day.
    It will give you time to re-group as well.
    trust me on this. Naps=important!

  2. Abeka has a good program. My boys did that until they were in 4th grade at their Christian school. Check it out, I know they have a site. Many people use this curriculum until 5th grade for homeschooling.

  3. Not a home school mom either ... but I also recommend story time be it via book or DVD.

  4. 1.Nap time a MUST! I always did about 1pm too. Perfect time for me to rejuvinate myself!!
    2.Story time is one of my favorites. I always pick a story that we can then do a craft with.
    3.I will check out Abeka, thanks Judy!

  5. I am, thankfully, a homeschool mom. When my daughter was that young I didn't do a curriculum. I followed what she was interested in and we read stories about, did crafts around, watched videos about, etc. whatever she was (and is) interested in.

    As far as naps, it depends on the child. My daughter stopped napping at two. We tried preschool (with disatrous results). Preschool required nap time. My daughter felt obligated to lay down because everyone else was. I arrived early one day and discovered that she was crying very quietly every day until she eventually fell asleep. Naps aren't for everyone.

  6. Speaking as a homeschooling mom as well, I'd say that nap time can really backfire. I guess it's standard practice at preschools etc, but my daughter was a little like Shady Lady's daughter. She couldn't understand, why she was required to lie down every day, when she wasn't tired. and when she actually did fall asleep, we had an awful time getting her to bed at night. Of course we finally pulled her out, and we never looked back.

    As for curriculum, I think it's simply unnecessary. Why not have theme days instead? You could have a flower day for instance. You'll borrow flower books from the library, plant seeds, color flower pots, read the flower stories, let them color flower pictures, scan the internet for flower crafts for little ones. Et voila. Flower day! :)
    You can have a theme for every single day. Bat day, dog day, Abraham Lincoln Day, special holidays... you name it.

  7. Every child is different, some require extra sleep and some don't. My boys always needed a nap because I always made sure they were active, played with them, etc. If they didn't get a watch out!
    Freckles: I did have themes in mind. Perhaps curiculum wasn't the correct word to use. I begin my day with a calendar, we sing the days of the weeks and count the numbers. I have a story time, make a craft related to the story. I just would like fresh ideas.

  8. Yes, I did forget to mention.
    Active kids need naps. Being the mother of five very active children I knew they needed a nap.
    I made sure they were busy enough right up to lunch time and they loved their naps/quiet time.
    Never had a problem getting them down in the evening either.

    I must say that whenever I hear a whiney, cranky little one... I think their mommy should have done them a favor and given them some rest, that it isn't their fault, they're just tired.

  9. Sounds like you're off to a good start with your routine - I'm sure its helpful for both you and the kids to know what happens when (calendar, story, lunch, nap, etc.) Don't forget about numbers, shapes, alphabet, nursery rhymes (have heard that from more than one teacher) for themes - easily a day or even a week for each!

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  11. I understand, that some kids do need naps. Mine (both super active by the way) stopped napping at a very young age. (And no, they are and were the cranky and whiny kind either. As you said, all kids are different.) Nap time can be a punishment for those kids who simply don't need it. Maybe some quiet activity instead?
    If you insist on nap time, so be it. Just offering my two cents. :)

    As far as curriculum goes, I'm not sure what else I could offer in ideas. Maybe you could check out the "Five in a row" curriculum. It's definitely great for younger kids. If you google the name you should find plenty of information about it.

  12. LOL... they are and were NOT the....


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