Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jack Reacher

A few months ago Author, Lee Child visited English students at Radnor High School, where my husband works.  Mr. Child answered questions and explained to students the way he wrote.  Every authors writes differently.  Some have outlines, some have and idea of the ending, some jump around as they write.  Mr. Child told the students that he doesn't know the ending of a book until he gets there.

At the time I didn't know anything about Lee Child or what type of books he wrote. Todd brought home an autographed book I found that he writes crime/mystery/action/adventure type of books. Exactly what I LOVE! So I bought my first Lee Child book (via my Nook):

The Killing Floor:

The electrifying debut novel which introduces Jack Reacher, a drifter and ex-military policeman; a man of action unafraid to take justice into his own hands; a man of intelligence and cunning. Shortly after Reacher arrives in the sleepy town of Margrave, Georgia he's arrested for murder. The next three days' events leave everyone stunned. Unable to walk away from the situation, Reacher must unravel the mystery before a team of killers make him the next victim.

I could not put this book down! I loved it.... so of course I bought the next book, and the next, and the next... So now I am on my 5th Jack Reacher book. 

I'm hooked!

Recently I found out that Tom Cruise signed a deal to make the very first Jack Reacher movie! I'm excited that they are turning this series into a movie.

The description of Jack Reacher in the books describes a very tall man about 230lbs with blonde hair.  

Granted, Tom isn't bad on the eyes. So who knows? He may meet my expectations of Jack Reacher after all!

3 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Oh how cool! You're really lucky to have an author come to the high school like that. I think it's got to create more of a connection with students when they hear the author speak and get to ask him questions - especially for some of the more reluctant readers. And look at the benefit it had for him with his book sales ;) Win win for everyone!

  2. I wish I could have met him personally. I'm a bit jealous that my husband did! And Mr. Child was nice enough to give my husband an autographed copy of his latest book.

  3. How awesome. I've read many Jack Reacher stories and put them amongst the best books I've ever read. Love everything about the character and I always feel so sad for him. I wishes I'd started at the beginning though. How cool that your husband got to meet Lee Child. I must say though I'm a little disappointed that Tom Cruise has been chosen to play the role. So unlike The Jack Reacher I have in my head. Plus I've steered clear of all his movie roles except his first lol. Something about the man...... If you love this genre as much as I do pick up some Michael Connelly books. They're great too.


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