Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Are you cooking Christmas dinner? How many will be round your table this year? What are we having?

I host Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner is held at my brother & sister-in-laws house.  They have the younger children, so it is easier for them if we come to their house. 
When our boys were younger, my mother-in-law had Christmas dinner at her house.  10 adults and 6 kids will be attending Christmas dinner this year.  
Dinner is a hodgepodge (no pun intended) of dishes that everyone brings: Ham, Roast Beef, Lasagna, string bean casserole… and what-ever else shows up...

2. What is one must-have Christmas cookie in your house?


3. Santa likes a glass of milk with his cookies. Do you? What kind of milk is on tap at your house-skim? almond? soy? full fat (Gasp!)

I keep skim milk and whole milk.  Skim milk for cereals and drinking (and of course Santa - I think he would prefer skim milk)… whole milk for kids I babysit and for cooking.

4. Time magazine recently named their 'Person of the Year' for 2011. This is the person the editors believe had the greatest impact, for better or worse, in the past year. This year they chose 'The Protester'. Your thoughts? Who would you name Person of the Year for 2011?

In this past year there has been a lot of protesters through out the world, even in our own country.  People are not happy with the way governments (and dictators) are ruling.  They are tired of being treated unfairly and want better for their country, themselves and their children.  I prefer to see a peaceful protest, but yet I can understand how things get out of control when tempers flair, when a belief is so strong and when no one is listening.  
I woud name not a person, but an organization:  The ASPCA who fights animal cruelty, rescues animals from abuse, works to pass humane laws and shares resources with shelters through out the USA.  The ASPCA was founded in 1866 and was the first humane organization to help animals.    

Check out this link if you are interested in adoption: Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption

5. December 21st is National Flashlight Day... when was the last time you needed a flashlight and did you know right where to find one?

There is actually a "national" day for the flashlight?  Who would have thought?  
The last time a flashlight was needed at our house was during an extremely bad wind storm and there were tornado alerts (which is almost unheard of in the part of PA where I live).  
Todd, Brandon and I were at a hockey tournament - about 3 hours away.  Of course I was panicking because Ahren and Zachary were at home.  I called them and told them to go in the family room (which is our finished basement).  Ahren and Zachary couldn't find a flashlight, so they lit every candle they could find and slept in the family room.  
When we came home the following day, trees were down everywhere. Some were even uprooted in our development.   I have only seen destruction like that on TV, never close to home.  We were lucky and didn't suffer any damage.

6. candy canes...yum or yuck?


7. What Christmas carol lyric means the most to you?

I don't have one specific line to a song. I love "Little Drummer Boy".  A little boy, who was poor and couldn't give a gift fit for a King… found that his gift of playing his drum was much more priceless than an expensive gift.  The gift of LOVE is a beautiful thing!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

admire the Secret Santa's who have been paying off the Kmart layaways for needy families.  This random act of kindness will bring joy to so many little children and ease the minds of the parents who had no idea how they were going to pay for the gifts.  

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Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those layaway Santas have been hitting up around our area too!! Its so heartwarming to know that in tough times like this, those who have much are willing to share. Christmas spirit is alive!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. I hadn't heard about the Secret Santas...why can't people like that be 'Person of the Year'?!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family : )

  3. I agree the secret santa's have been such heart warming stories this season. Katelyn made chocolate chip cookies last night for a school function today...I got one! :( I'm baking today and making Irish Cream Liquor for Craig's work buddies. Happy Wednesday!

  4. I just heard about the KMart secret santa a couple of days ago. I think it's wonderful for someone to do that - especially anomalously.

  5. I like the Christmas spread! Sounds like some good food on Christmas Day! Back when I was a child my Aunt Bette and Uncle Pat would come to our house with their 3 boys (our cousins) and she would make the most delicious lasagna! We would have turkey AND lasagna and we kids were allowed a SIP of Champagne! Can you imagine the child abuse charges if that happened in this day and age???? xoxo

  6. LOVE the Hodgepodge Q&A. Your Christmas dinner plans sound nice. Especially the lasagna. I'm a BIG fan of the stuff but rarely make it anymore. Must have been scary for the kids during the tornado warning. We've had trees uprooted around here, so I know how dangerous storms can be. I wish they would make spearmint candy canes. LOL Haven't heard of the Secret Santas doing that with Layaways. How WONDERFUL. Take care.

  7. I haven't heard about the secret Santa's...what a wonderful thing to do. Wishing you and your a wonderful Christmas!

  8. I think the Secret Santa is Awesome! If I had the money, I would love to do something like that. I love seeing the faces of people when the receive a gift for no other reason than LOVE!

  9. The unknown folks who have paid of Kmart lay-aways is truly an inspiration. I love hearing how people step up to the plate during this precious season of giving to make someone's life a little brighter for Christmas.

  10. That is my husband's favorite Christmas song :)

    What a sweet thing to do for needy families! I'm sure they will all be so surprised that someone would do that for them.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I wish more of my family was around for Christmas. My mom will join us for Christmas Eve and then we will have lunch out with the in-laws Christmas Day. Not my favorite thing to do. Enjoy your Christmas!!!

  12. Liebe Tami,

    vielen Dank für deine netten Worte auf meinem Blog.
    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie frohe Weihnachten. Einen dicken Kuss an Corbie, sie ist so süß :-)

    Liebe Grüße Miriam

  13. I love that KMart story, too. It's good for the customers, and good for KMart, too :)

    Glad your family was safe during that storm. My husband probably started the National flashlight Day--He has more than he could probably count! :)

  14. I host Christmas Eve but thankfully not Christmas itself - the house would never be clean again after the morning mayhem ;) I do the lasagne, bread, Caesar salad and dessert - all from scratch of course! Yum. Our Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle's is also somewhat of a potluck, but we're assigned dishes so that it sort of fits together. I had fun with dessert this year.


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