Thursday, January 5, 2012

Intro: Return to Sunday Dinner (Menu #1)

A blogger friend gave me the idea to share recipes thru a blog exchange.  
This is the first MENU I am creating and hope that you can contribute.

Get out your cookbooks, your favorite recipes and your creativeness.

On Thursday I will post the "Theme" to our "Menu".

Return to Sunday Dinner - Menu #1
In years gone by, life slowed for one day a week: a day for worship and quiet reflection, a day for family and friends, a day apart from the everyday battle.  It was also a day of celebration.

It can be that way again.
It's time to revive the Sunday table!

Theme #1
Roast Beef
Mash Potatoes
Dessert of your choice!

On Friday I will post my Recipe and at the end of the post you will find the linky.
At this time you can submit your recipe for one or more of the items from the theme above and then link to my blog using the linky.

Click on where it will say, "You're next" and a box will pop up for you to enter your name and blog address.

You should also add the MENU button using the code found below the button on my sidebar.

This way when vistors stop by your blog they can easily hop over to the post on my blog with the links.

Once you've published please go visiting other bloggers.
You will be able to find other recipes to try!

Have fun...and thanks for sharing!

8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Love the new page header!! Great photos, I'm a snowman girl:) I hope when Friday gets here I'll be able to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Have never "linky" anything though I have wanted to.

  2. If you get stuck, let me know and I will step you through it. I was confused the first time I tried too. It is an easy process, don't let the "linky" terms scare you. lol

  3. Yaaaay for new recipes! I love it! So let me make sure I've got this right - every Thursday there will be a "theme," and we can post our recipes related to that theme on our own blogs on Friday and link back to yours? Is that right?

    My favorite way to celebrate Sunday is by going out for brunch after church! I probably got this from my parents, because that was the one day that we would either all go out to eat, or pick up something and bring it home. I have never experienced the big Sunday dinner at home! But, I do have a yummy and unique recipe for carrots. "Gingered Carrots and CousCous." I don't think I'm going to have time to post it on my blog tomorrow (I've got a big day at work, and am already "one post behind"...someone gave me an award I need to forward along!), but maybe I can include it in your comments somewhere. And then next week, I'll be able to participate the right way! :)

  4. You got it Brenda! Hopefully it catches on! =)

  5. oh and no pressure, you have a week to post. You don't have to post on Friday. That is just when I put the "linky" up.

  6. My new boyfriend Anderson Cooper has a champaign to get families back to the dinner table. We are a small family and not busy like many families and eat dinner together every night it's our one time of day to connect. I love getting new recipes....can't wait!!

  7. Oh how fun! You know I'm going to have to find some fun things to contribute to this, right? There are so many awesome potato dishes out there. And don't get me started on desserts :) Yum.

  8. I too love your new header! I am cutting calories so I will just watch & see!! xoxo


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