Monday, January 23, 2012

Mistakes Hockey Parents Make

As a Hockey Mom, I have seen so many CRAZY parents!  They yell obscenities at the referees, some have gotten kicked out of games or even gotten into fights with other team parents.
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I know I'm not perfect.  I do however, cheer positively and energetically (according to Brandon a little bit too energetically)!

Here are some of the No-No's of what a Hockey Parent should NOT do!
  1. Lecturing their child about the sport's techniques and strategies when they themselves have never played the sport.
    • These parents think their child 's sport looks easy and fail to appreciate the complexity, difficulty and challenge of their child's sport.
    • I'd like to see THEM on the ice!
  2. Trying to coach their child FROM the STANDS when they are not a qualified coach.
    • I think these parents expect too much in performance
    • These parents display poor sportsmanship.  
    • They yell insructions and coaching comments and only distracts or confuses their child.
    • Kids imitate their parents behavior (good or bad)!
  3. Taking their child's sport experience too seriously.
    • They are vicariously through their child's ice hockey experiences.
    • Failing to see the value of sports lessons as preparation for life itself.
    • Seeing what is lacking in their child, and not encouraging what is good.
    • Rushing their child's early ice hockey technique development is not healthy. It should be the slowest and most careful period of all.
  4. Unrealistically overblown assessment of their child's talent.
    • Placing their child into sports situations where they cannot succeed.
    • Simultaneously having too many coaches, trainers, etc. who conflict in approach and technique.
    • Making their child inappropriately play injured or sick.
    • We've all seen these parents who think their child is the second coming of Christ (no offense to Christ).
As a parent have you ever seen an inappropriate mom or dad act like this at a sporting event or any other event your child has performed in?

Click here for a great article from Alpha-Mom regarding youth sports.

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  1. Thank you for this post! My children don't play hockey, but I see the same problem in many other (I don't no the english word: "Bereiche"), in sports, school and so on. I called them "ehrgeizige Eltern".

    Lg, Regula

  2. Oh yes this looks and sounds familiar! Katelyn hasn't been on a sport for a long time...I may once when she was 5 or 6 freaked on a sideline soccer game or basketball game at the ref....maybe it was me or some other crazy mom!!

  3. The parents you describe must not realize what harm they are doing. Children are known by parent assoication and many times the child suffers, nearly always unfairly, because of the parent's actions. I would encourage these parents to spend time talking with their child about the sport when they are not at the rink, or the field or the gym. Good sportsmanship is a character trait that will serve their child well. Parents can help their child build character by providing positive examples of appropriate behavior. Many parents forget who's watching their every move. I can't/don't want to believe that the parents you describe would be proud of their child if they copied the behaviors you listed.

  4. I agree that taking your child's sport experience too seriously and overblowing their talents are BIG No NO's. Can lead to damaging a child's self esteem in the long run. These were GREAT tips.

  5. This applies to all sports not just Hockey. We are in baseball country here and some of the things I've heard are amazing... we've had coaches make the kids play in a thunderstorm (unfortunately very common during Florida's rain season)!!!

  6. This is one of my pet peeves about parents - and it isn't just hockey. There was a dad at our high school who ... I couldn't bring my kids.

    I feel badly for the kids, but it's just no fun for anyone to be around that. I wish our district enforced the contracts parents have to sign and did kick people out at the beginning of the season - you can bet the rest of it would be so much nicer.

  7. That would drive me absolutely crazy. I've never understood parents that act like that. I love the poster, lol!

  8. That would drive me absolutely crazy. I've never understood parents that act like that. I love the poster, lol!


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