Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visit from Aunt Martha

Last week I had a meltdown. 
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I felt like a crazy lady. I was so up and down and all over the place. Then I realized it is THAT time of month,  which I bitterly lovingly refer to as "Aunt Martha".  The week before I start my period I become that mad insane crazy lady. My husband can attest, I don't have normal PMS either! He will ask me as timidly as he can "Is Aunt Martha coming?".
This month was worse!  
The week before Aunt Martha was to visit my doctor took me off of one medication and upped another.  I forgot to take my antidepressant for two days.  I was doing well and decided I didn't need the antidepressant anymore. 


In a few days I was going through withdrawal and cycling from happy, crying, raging, confused, sad, depressed… and the cycle started all over.  This pattern got worse over a course of a three day period.  I finally realized I needed to start taking the antidepressant again.  The day after I began my dosage I feel 100% better.

It is amazing what one little pill can do!

Now if that amazing pill could keep Aunt Martha from visiting!!!

10 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Oh No!! ;) Did you take any pamprin?
    That always helps. :)


  2. ha, ha! i am laughing at "aunt martha" - that is cute! glad you are better! You are such a sweetheart - and no my desk is still sitting all a mess!! it is ridiculous!

  3. What's funnier (and I forgot to post) is my son, who was about 12, finally figured out what Aunt Martha was. He said "I always wondered why you hated her so much and why I never saw her."LOL!!!!

  4. Hilarious (well sadly not really) I know about emotional ups & downs. Many years ago I went on Prozac but also added days at the gym which helped immensely. This was when I married Mr. O & joined him & his FIVE was very hard :(

    Hang on! When you hit menopause hopefully all will smooth out xoxo

  5. Aunt Martha is quite a gal. Full of spit and fire. Glad she exited. GREAT way to refer to your period. You were very wise to get back on your antidepressant, though. Rather than rapid cycling you need relief. If a little pill can do that, take it, please. You have children and a husband that need you to be ok. Aunt Martha can raise havoc when she visits, but Bipolar is nothing to mess with. I know someone who has been in remission from her mental illness for 5 years. But it was an uphill battle every step of the way. Take care.PS) thank you for the BLOG AWARD. I'm most appreciative.

  6. That sounds really, really tough! I'm glad you're feeling like yourself again.

    Your comment about your son's comment is hilarious :)

  7. Hi Tami,
    ich musste lachen über "Tante Martha" und auch über deinen Sohn :-)

    Have a nice Weekend

  8. Thank you so much for the BLOG AWARD!

    I also have ups and downs (more downs than ups) the days before "aunt martha" is coming (I like this name, here we used to say "Tante Rosa"). I'm laughing about that what your son said... :-).

    Lg, Regula

  9. My doctor long ago before my hysterectomy kept my on birth control 365 days a year low dose....maybe Aunt Martha doesn't' need to visit anymore!

    Hop your weekend is calm and peaceful!

  10. Your son's comment IS hilarious! Glad you're feeling better now - those ups and downs can be awful.


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