Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fragments

It finally snowed!  Not that much, but enough to make the dogs happy.  My friend Ina from Alaska has gotten inundated with snow this year. Check out her blog here to read all about it.

 Brandon got up in time for school and didn't miss the bus.

I finally got my cars side mirror fixed. Brandon cracked it when he shot a puck. Kinda missed the net.  Instead of getting mad, I just said "You have to work on aiming the puck on the net."

I am getting ready for the Valentines Day party I am having for the wee ones in my day care.  Click on the tab above "Aunt Tami's House" and you can see pictures.

My husband has been working long hours, and I miss him.

Zachary has been struggling with his grades. We took him to a doctor and he was diagnosed with ADD. He has been on a small dose of medication and so far it has worked wonders.  Yesterday I got an email from his teacher - Zach got a 100% on a science quiz!

Ahren has been working for my x-step-father.  It bothers me a lot that my son has contact with that JERK!  In case you don't know the story behind that click here.

I just ordered a really cool bag from Preppy Player.  Check out her blog if you are interested in one. She has plenty to choose from.

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Happy Friday!!!

11 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Happy Friday Tami!!
    Sorry about your car mirror but a boy has got to practice I guess thats the hazards! Sorry hubby so working so much! Mine is still sick and grumpy I'm ready to ship him back! Love the snow we are expecting some tonight it's bitter ass cold now! Love the bag....I need to buy one from her when I see her next week...Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I give you credit for not getting mad about the broken mirror incident. In the big scheme of things it is not something to fuss over. I guess he has plenty of power in his shot. thanks for browsing over to my blog.

  3. Glad your mirror got fixed. It can be dangerous without a functioning one. Boys will be boys, right? When you miss your hubby, it's difficult, I know. It snowed here today. Going to keep falling into tommorrow. That BAG is pretty sweet. ENJOY! Take care.

  4. Tell him to work on his wrist shot. A lot more control with it.

  5. I know, I two grandsons still have to have 'contact' with the other grandma of theirs...and it just irks me to no end. She's psycho if you want my opinion. So, I can relate to your qualms over 'working' with an "EX".

    Love the colorful bag you purchased. And the puck/mirror story...whoa. You stayed calm. Guess there's no reason to cry over spilled milk. Snow? Nope, not for me...I'm a wuss. It gets below 60 and I'm 'freezing'. LOL

  6. Just saw our first accumulation, a dusting, this morning. I wish it was more because it's soooo pretty. Oh well. I've been enjoying the warm days instead. It's been a nice trade off.

  7. That bag is adorable. My husband has been working long hours too and I miss him terribly. I mean the garbage isn't going to take itself out. I'm kidding! I really do miss him, but the set-up for that joke was just too easy.

  8. Oh how I miss being a hockey mom. I wish my grandsons would get the bug! Our youngest son [he is 31] is a great one for breaking our side mirrors. I never get mad at him either...just tired of buying mirrors!
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. Wow, you're far more calm about the mirror than I would have been. I'm not so easy to forgive something like that ;)

    and the snow! It just doesn't feel right for there to be no ground covering of snow. I don't want the accompanying slippery streets, but ... we need the snow!

  10. The bag is gorgeous.

    I'm really happy for Zachary; that he can feel success now. Do you mind if I ask what he's taking?

    Your ex-step-dad is a jerk. I'm sure your son has a good head on his shoulders and has figured that out and will watch his back.

    Thanks for linking up.


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