Monday, March 26, 2012

 This coming September some of the children I have nurtured since they were babies (who are now four years old) are headed out to the big world of preschool.  I am excited for them and yet my heart breaks because I will miss them so much! After loving them, holding them, laughing with them and drying their tears… it will be so hard to say goodbye.

I have been lucky over the years to get many referrals from family and friends.  I haven't had to advertise for child care since 2009.  A few days ago I put my profile on  If you haven't heard of it, is an online community that connect families to babysitters, nannies or child care (like me).  They also have links for tutors, senior care, pet sitters and housekeepers.

I think does a decent job for parents and job seekers to find people of interest.  There are those who could be shady. Parents need to interview carefully and have a good idea of what they are looking for.  

I am hoping potential parents call me and I will have a house full of little ones to love.


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  1. Very comprehensive profile and gorgeous photo! Happy Monday Tami! I think Spring has finally arrived here. Yesterday was sunny, gorgeous and even WARM!

    I am waiting to talk with my vet today about Halle but she had a very good Sunday night, slept comfortably and no seizure. I am thinking perhaps put her on anti-convulsion meds. Will update the blog after I talk with the vet. xoxo

  2. Hallo Tami,

    ich war auch jahrelang Tagesmutter, mir hat es auch immer weh getan, wenn die Kinder in Schule oder Kindergarten gingen. Die Arbeit mit Kindern ist wunderschön, es bibt nichts schöners.



  3. Good luck....sounds like a great web site and like you said word of mouth is probably the best advertisement out there!

  4. Sounds like you have it covered. Your Care page is impressive. Good luck to the little ones, moving on. take care.

  5. Choosing a babysitter can be difficult. With all of the babysitters out there, it can seem like an overwhelming task to try and narrow down the pool until you find that one, perfect caregiver.
    So what makes a great babysitter?
    It is important, for the sake of consistency for your children, that your babysitter be able to commit to your family for at least a year from the interview date. Within that year, there may be dates on which you need a babysitter and she is not be available: however, she ideally will be able to be your babysitter most of the times you are in need...


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