Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Questions for the Hodgepodge- Vol 70

Thank you Joyce for being the hostess of the Fabulous Wednesday Hodgepodge! Click HERE if you would like to participate.  I highly encourage it!

1. St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated this coming Saturday...what's a favorite article of clothing you own that contains a touch o' the green?
I have a T-shirt from Pig N Whistle. It is an Irish Pub that my family ate at when we visited New York City.
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2. What's a favorite 'green space' in the town, state, or province where you live?
I am surrounded green where I live. We live in Berks County farm country.  

3. Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or think you're just about right in the height department?
I am 5'2" and think I am just right in the height department. Now I could use a few inches in the boob department.

4. What's the surest way for someone to pick a fight with you?
 Youth hockey games are so easy to pick a fight with the opposing team. All I have to do is say "Are you kidding me Ref?! That kid should be in the penalty box!" Parents from the other team go BERSERK! HAHA!

5. Broccoli-Spinach-String Beans-Peas...of the four, your favorite green veg? (Or the one you dislike the least if that first option's too hard. I just know there's some veggie haters out there.)
I love them ALL. Grow them in my garden too.

6. March is National Women's History Month...besides friends, neighbors and the women you're related to, who's a woman in history you admire and why?
Eleanor Roosevelt. She spent a lifetime fighting for human rights.  

7. Keep Calm and ____________on.
You fill in the blank.
Considering it IS St Patrick's Day... I'd say DRINK ON!!! Pass the whisky please!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
When you think of March 17, you almost surely will think of beer, and when you think of someone Irish, you probably think of beer and pubs as well. But, in the history of Ireland, beer wasn’t always a given on this widely-celebrated day. in 1903, a member of the Irish parliament, James O’Mara introduced a new bill that called to recognize St. Patrick’s Day as a religious observation in Ireland. However, because this was made a law, this meant that all of the local pubs had to close; therefore, no beer was readily available. So for 67 years, the Irish suffered through a total shut down of all pubs until 1970 when the law was overturned and the holiday was no longer a religious observance, but a national holiday.

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9 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. HAHA to your answer for number 3! You crack me up!! Remember when I was in PA and we were messing around at mommom's house! I think you remember the rest! LOL
    Have a great day.


  2. great hodge podge. I am with you on #3! lol

  3. I agree with you that Dallas Seavey is a complete hottie!!!!!

  4. I admire Eleanor too. Ha ha to #7! And I did not know that about the holiday in Ireland. Who woulda guessed? Thanks for sharing!

  5. People will always find a way to hoist a stout, legal or not. Happy St. Patrick's day to you.

  6. Haven't been to the Pig n' Whistle but I'm going to look for it next time we're in the city. Have a great weekend-hope its springlike where you are too!

    1. If you are looking for an authentic Irish Pub, this one will be perfect.

  7. Keep Calm and Drink On...brilliant! I can totally see this on a sign.


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