Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer Vacation Woes

My family and another family want to take a vacation together. Perhaps to an island or resort.  I've been looking at the Sandals resort in Negril Jamaica. It looks gorgeous and promises the world at your feet.

 When I checked out the reviews for this resort, it was astounding how many people complained about bugs in their rooms, bad service, alcoholic drinks that taste like water, bad food and down right horrible vacations!!

 I am afraid to book a trip because of these negative reviews.  
We don't have tons of money and this trip to Jamaica would be stretching our budget. I don't want to spend that kind of money only to have a dream vacation turn into a nightmare.

So if I nix the Jamaica trip, where do we go??

The travel channel has a list of 10 Top Vacation Spots.
Paris, France
New York, NY
Rome, Italy
Cancun, Mexico
London, England
Orlando, Florida
Miami, Florida
San Francisco, California
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Branson, Missouri

When I read the list, I thought - HMMM, Rome. I like wine, I like Italian food. It's a win win for me!

Relais 6 Hotel Rome
had fabulous reviews, but the prices are in Euros. UGH!  
Photos of Relais 6, Rome

This photo of Relais 6 is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This is where I need HELP!

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Does it have things for teenage boys to do?


16 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Start brainstorming and look at ticket prices, then accomodations! If you go to Europe, look at homeaway.com for vacation rentals. We used it twice to book places and had good experiences.

  2. How about Amsterdam?? Lots for teenage boys there!!!

  3. I you really like the idea of an island resort, try the Virgin Islands or the Bahamas. Much, much cleaner than the other islands in the Caribbean, in my experience, and with higher standards of service, etc. For a something-for-everyone kind of place, look at Club Mets or Atlantic City.

  4. Excuse the typo in post above - it's Club MED, not Met!

  5. I wish I could go on a vaction; like going to Europe! It's always been a dream of mine to go there! Anyways, what about San Francisco, California. The boys can goof of in the ocean while you get a nice tan!!
    I hope that helped. :)


  6. I am not sure if you are in US or Canada??? but we loved our trip to Cuba. the resort (Club Trypp) was very family friendly and had lots to do. The best fun we had was renting mopeds for the day and driving around the island. We also took kayak excursions in the ocean and that was fantastic. my cousin's family just got back and they loved it.
    other than that, I also have friends who just got back from Myrtle Beach and they loved it as a family vacation spot too. would love to know firsthand myself.
    I have been to Cancun and it certainly was fun and lots to do....but very crowded. not sure how safe it is these days...hard to trust media reports sometimes.

    1. US in PA. We are thinking about Myrtle Beach. We could drive instead of flying.

  7. I always enjoy Aruba. Check out the all inclusive Tamajarin Resort (http://www.diviaruba.com/). There is lots to do and it is pretty. I love to walk along the beach, and there are tennis courts, golf (regular and miniature golf), shows, local crafts fairs, hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling over old shipwrecks, paragliding, gambling for you old folks (smiling) and the water is always perfect. Many great restaurants and I think summer is the off season, could have better prices then.

  8. Come to Switzerland! We have good wine and good food, too. It's clean. And because Switzerland is not member of EU, we are something like an Island in Europe! ;-)

  9. Hi Tami, Living across the bay from SF for 31 years that will always be home and a favorite place for me. I don't know if I could say it would be a great place for a summer vacation for teens. It is amazing because it is close enough for some day trips to Napa Valley, Carmel, Tahoe, and on and on. But, having 2, 18 year old boys I am not to sure it would be a ton of fun for them. Have you checked out this link? It is on my bucket list and I think the whole family would have a blast!!http://www.atlantis.com/ Good luck I am sure you will pick a great place!

    1. Thanks for the link! I will check it out! xoxo

  10. I say stay local where you can drive and get the most bang for your buck! I hear in NC and SC you can get beach houses reasonable rates. Rome is wasted on the youth...okay well not all youth but save it for when they can appreciate the wine and art...and italian women! lol! My second vote would be Amsterdam I loved that place! Good luck!

  11. I loved Punta Cana there are resort that are kid friendl too :)

    I would love to go to Hawii so go there I can fit in a suit case if you leave your shoes home lol

  12. I loved Punta Cana there are resort that are kid friendl too :)

    I would love to go to Hawii so go there I can fit in a suit case if you leave your shoes home lol


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