Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hatfield and McCoys

I've always been an American History buff.  Luckily my husband is a History teacher and he loves my passion.  We have taken vacations, much to the dismay of my children, at Gettysburg National Park  (Civil War), Willamsburg, VA and Boston MA (American Revolution).  We also live near Valley Forge National Park (American Revolution) and have frequently visited it.

When the History Channel advertised Hatfield and McCoys I was immediately drooling over my remote control.  Hard to believe someone can get that excited over the History Channel.

Whenever you hear the names Hatfield and McCoy most know it was a feud between two families.   

Do you know the how the feud began or the details of this true American story? 
Can you believe it all began over a pig? That's right - a PIG!
I wonder if the pig will be a star on the history channel?


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  1. I get excited over stuff on the history channel lol! And my husband is excited to see this show! I better go set it up to record!

  2. We love the history channel and plan on watching this series!

  3. I majored in history in college for a while ... until I realized that I don't have the patience to teach. So I love the History Channel. I saw the promo for this today ... looks interesting.

  4. My hubby loves history and the history well not so much...but I love him so I watch and occasionally learn something new and interesting! Did I miss this one?When is it on do you know?Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I understand your love of history. I used to be involved in Civil War reenactments, complete with period clothing. Didn't get to see The Hatfields and Mccoys, though. Sounds like alot of fun. In our family, when there was a feud people would STOP talking when there was a disagreement. One such situation lasted 5 years. but i must tell you it was as insignificant as a pig war. LOL

    1. I always wanted to do a reenactment. They have them in Gettysburg, Williamsburg and Valley Forge. My husband likes to take pictures of them.

  6. We have a lot of McCoys right here in Wisconsin - - - in fact I "R" related (shirt tale) to some. In fact, between Sparta and tomah Wisconsin we have "Camp McCoy," which is an active Army Installation.

  7. Didn't catch the show but I'll look for repeats. I went to Williamsburg back in the 70's. It was the first time I had ever seen a whole place reenacting a different time.


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