Thursday, May 3, 2012

List Yourself

Someone told me about this book called List Yourself.   The books focus is list-making towards self-discovery. I haven't read it yet, but thought the idea had some merit.
Lists are sometimes easier than blogging.  You can list about anything from ailments, stress, passions, heartaches, regrets and more.  What ever you feel like.
There are things I like about myself and then there are things I don't.  I began making a list of these things.  Of course it was very easy to come up with the negatives.  I had to work hard at the positives.  Why is that?  

I get bored easily.  
I move furniture around when I clean because I get tired of seeing it in the same spot all the time.
I like watching children because no two days are the same.
I feel ugly somedays more than others.
I have a soft spot for animals.
I like hockey because the sport is in constant motion.
I can't sit still.
I am Bipolar.
I can't watch TV unless I am on the computer or crocheting.
I feel sexy in high heels.
I am a neat freak and clean, clean, clean all the time.
I love babies!
I like to scrapbook, but have a hard time sitting down to actually do it.
I love being outside gardening. It is where I feel at peace.
I drive a bit too fast.
I am impatient.
I have to take sleeping pills because my mind races and it's the only way to shut it off.
I like knowing secrets and am good at keeping them.
I care about what other people think of me.
I am still occasionally depressed.
I have high expectations and get sad when I fail.
I hate crowded places and am terrified of heights.
I love my family!

I challenge you to List Yourself!  You may learn a thing or two, even find a new blog topic to write about.


5 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Reminds me of a book a friend of mine recommended: Listography

  2. this is why I always try to do Monday Listicles......always seem to discover, or re-discover something about myself. Sometimes it forces you to see the truth.
    with you on the gardening...I spent a blissfull hour today checking out all my lil plant babies that are finally coming up.

  3. INTERESTING. I never thought of myself in terms of lists. You did a great job with yours.

  4. I like this idea... have to try it

  5. I love your list. I think I need a list. hmmmm...


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