Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chalk Portrait

There was a time when I couldn't imagine leaving the house without makeup.  I felt naked without it.  My daily routine began with:
  • Eyeliner, thick as permanent marker.
  • Eye shadow - no less than 3 shades.
  • Blackest Black Mascara to finish off the eyes.
  • Foundation to polish the skin tones.
  • Blush to highlight cheekbones.
  • Lip liner, lip gloss.

This is how I knew my face.  The prospect of running into someone without a perfect face was horrifying to me.  And the hair, that's another issue!

After having children, make-up turned into a "special occasion" type of thing.  To my amazement, I began liking my new face.

It was interesting to see how my day-care children see my face. They were so sweet to want to draw a picture of their Aunt Tami.

A gorgeous drawing of Aunt Tami
by a 6 year old.

A flattering picture of Aunt Tami
by a 2 year old.

No eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, blush, lip-liner or lip-gloss in these drawings.  Just me!


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Sweet impressions of you. I rarely wear any makeup any more.

    When the kids were young (before they were in school full time) we had a lovely senior citizen watching the kids full time in our home. When the youngest (Niki) began pre-school and was assigned to draw our family portrait, all of us were black people, just like our lovely senior lady. Niki drew herself and all of us as black people for many years. It is a treasured memory and I framed the last picture of us as a black family.... xoxo

  2. And that is how they love you :)

  3. LOve it....I bet your hubby does too! I'm a lightly eye lined girl...if it's special occasion I might slap some mascara on and a little shadow.


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