Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easy Green is Sleazy Green!

Last September I signed up with an Easy Green program through our electric company, Met Ed.  The benefits of the program is supposed to help the environment by reducing use of energy during peak demand hours.  Curtailing the use of energy will help reduce the need to build new costly power plants.

To compensate you for joining this program they give you a $10 per summer month credit on your electric bill AFTER your first full year.

Well that's all well in good. Right?

Let me tell you about the real Easy Green!  It's 105 outside, it's 85 in my house.  Not by my choice!  NOOOO!  Frickin' Med Ed has taken over my air-conditioner and won't let me change the thermostat to the comfort I desire!  So while I have sweat pouring down my body, my neighbors are enjoying their pools, which by the way I don't have, and a cool house!

I've tried calling the customer service #, which has been busy for the last hour.  I tried going to the website they provide.  Apparently they shut that down along with my air-conditioner, because an error blinks in big, bold letters that the system is down for maintenance. How convenient!!

They can keep their $10 a month credit and go to hell! Or better yet, they can come to my house.  I am sure it is hotter than hell!!!

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Hahahahahah... I hate to laugh, but that is too funny!!!

  2. Big Brother is controlling you and it "ain't" even 1984 anymore!

  3. I came home from the beach today with my 2 girls...because it is 34 in the shade by 10 am - to discover our AC unit went kapooey. now it's 27 degrees C in the house and climbing because it's only 2 pm. no pool here either - except the kiddie one.
    thankfully, we got a customer service guy on the way over.
    otherwise, I'd bring that darn kiddie pool in the house, fill it with cold water and sleep in it!

  4. Oh no!! That is just horrible!! It is too hot for them to be controlling the A/C!!!!

    So sorry, hope you can get this worked out soon. This so not funny.

  5. Hell is on sale this summer! I'll never sign-up for one of those deals.

  6. I have often thought of doing this.....never thought it would get this hot in Buffalo it's unusual! My dad ask me yesterday how much is your bill for running the AC at 70 degrees all the time and I answered I don't know or care I hate being hot! Summer is such a short time atlas in the winter you can bundle up and and sticky no touchy! Hang in there!

  7. first time visiting/commenting on your blog. I had to "laugh" about this post although I know its not a laughing matter. My brother did the same thing a few years back and signed up for such a program with our electric company. When the hot spell came and he tried to bump up the air conditioning, he couldn't do it. He got a hold of the company as soon as he could and told them to take that away from him and he would be happy to pay whatever extra charges. Hope you got it all sorted out by now!



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