Monday, September 3, 2012

Ivory Soap Explosion

A few months ago I read about Ivory Soap in the microwave and I have wanted to try it with the kids. If you do not have Ivory Soap, get some during your next grocery trip.  I promise you will not be disappointed!  

Tip #1:  Break the Ivory Soap in 1/4 pieces. Do not put the entire bar in the microwave all at once.

Tip #2: It only works with Ivory Soap.  Tiny air pockets are formed in the soap (that's why Ivory floats).  When heated in the microwave, the moisture in those air pockets changes to a gas and expands.  (I told the kids it is similar to what happens with popcorn).

Tip #3: Be careful at first, because it is fairly hot when it first come out of the microwave. However, it cools down quickly and can be easily handled.  I thought it would be sticky or slimy feeling, but it was actually dry and a bit crumbly.
The kids had a fun time touching it and breaking it apart.
I added a bit of water to make it more "goopy".


6 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Oh, I've wanted to try this! I actually bought a 3 pack of Ivory the other day....for that first rainy day after school starts. I wonder if you can add colour?

  2. I was wondering if it really worked! I'll have to get some soap and try it!

  3. I agree with everyone, looks super fun! I am sure the kids went home and wanted to demonstrate to their parents!! And I read the soap is still usable even in that condition. xoxo

    1. It was great to clean up with and made the room smell fresh and clean!

  4. Good to see no soap on any of the kids lips. It looks like whip cream so I'd be tempted to taste it. Anybody get their mouths washed out with soap anymore?


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