Thursday, September 13, 2012

Work out Woes

I did it!
  I joined a gym!
I bought new sneakers.

The first two weeks I was gung-ho!  It felt good!  Wahoo!  I used the treadmill and even walked the dog a lot more than normal.  I was eating better. No more snacking. I was feeling great!

Well, not too great.  My muscles were complaining.  I told them to quiet down, exercise was good for them.

Then it happened…… Aunt Martha paid a visit. You know, that dreaded thing that comes once a month and overstays an unwanted visit.  The thing that makes you eat every chocolate item in the house.  The thing that makes you feel bloated and icky.  The thing that makes you cranky and weepy. The thing that makes your insides cramp up and scream "I need more pain meds!".

I didn't go to the gym that week.

I gained back the few pounds I lost.

Those few pounds may seem insignificant.  To me, it was a milestone to a new beginning.

I am so tired of having my boobs touch my stomach when I sit down.  Now it's time to shake my fist at Aunt Martha, get back on the treadmill and try again.  


4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Good for you! Aunt Martha no longer visits me thank god I got rid of her forever...but I still struggle to workout daily! Keep it up remember how good you felt!

  2. Good job! I know you can do it :)

  3. LOL.....okay I can laugh because I know exactly what you mean!! Mine is so brutal in my 40's I just want to crawl into bed and hide for a few days. Or be on the roof with a semi-automatic rifle.....

    (ok, this is funny, I was reading your post and my email chimned "new mail" was notification that you left a comment on my blog!! LOL)

    Hey....isn't there something about women "synching" their schedules???!!
    Ok, this has gone too far now.
    Although, my stomach is kinda getting a workout right now!
    Let's kick Martha in the butt and Just do It! :)
    *This comment sponsored by Midol - Extra Strength*

  4. Thank goodness I haven't had that problem in 10 years! My husband and I lost the weight and this is the way we hope to KEEP it off.....I taped a picture of us in bathing suits (we looked like beached whales) on our bathroom mirror. We see it first thing every morning! :) You can do it!

    P.S. I had the worst cramps when I did have those awful visits!!!


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