Thursday, October 25, 2012

She Got Her Surprise!

Mission Accomplished!
Keetha got her present!

Let me back up a bit and tell you the story behind the gift. 
Keetha collects Nut Crackers. Every Christmas I love how she blogs about her collection and the new annual addition she has purchased. She is very proud of what she refers to as her "Kings".  She has a cozy display that any Nutcracker would love to be a part of.

I recently found a hockey nutcracker at Target. I just had to have it… well because its… hockey.  
My hockey nutcracker
I was proud of my nutcracker and posted about it.
Keetha saw my nutcracker and I'm sure her mouth watered.  
Since she is a huge football fan, she replied that she would love to have a football nutcracker, but was no where near a Target to pick one up. 
Ah Ha!
The idea struck me to surprise her with her very own Football Nutcracker.
Football Nutcracker I sent to Keetha.
 Football King traveled over 760 miles to his new home, where he will be properly and proudly displayed!

You can check out Keetha's blog HERE.


16 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Very nice of you. This makes me want to start collecting something. I could start with $20's do you have any extra?

  2. LOL to Bill.

    Not ONLY will my football King be proudly displayed in my HOME (he already has a place of "front and center" prominence) but he will ALSO enjoy a starring role in my FF post!!!

    What a wonderful surprise - - - thanks SOOOO much.

  3. That is awesome!!! What a great unique thing to get!!! Love it!

  4. That is awesome! I bet she was so excited.

  5. How sweet ... I'll bet she was thrilled when she opened the package!

  6. That was a great surprise and I have been ogling the nutcrackers at my Target but my daughter and I haven't decided yet on which one to get!!! :)

  7. First of all Bill comment cracks me up! Second love the nutcrackers....and what a nice gift! I have a collection of Nutcrackers I put out too...JoAnn fabrics always has some fun ones too!

  8. My husband had a nutcracker from the 1940's. It was from Germany so we started him a nutcracker collection. They come out every Christmas. Love yours and your thoughtfulness.

  9. I'm sure that made her day!!! How thoughtful of you!!! :)

  10. That's so perfect! I know she loves it..........and that it was a surprise makes it even better!


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