Thursday, November 1, 2012

Helping a Child in Need

I was moved by a post that a blogger friend, Laura from A Day in  the life of the Railings, had written about a child named Taylor.  I had tears streaming down my face after learning about Taylor and by the love and support Laura has shown her friends.  She wrote:
Today, I'd like to simply ask prayer from you, ,my sweet readers. A dear friend of mine is walking the path no parent ever wishes to walk:  that of cancer treatment for their little girl, Taylor, who isn't even 2 yet. They found out this summer that what doctors thought was just a mass was actually a stage three aggressive neuroblastoma tumor near her spine. My heart was breaking for them. What surprising news no one wants to hear :( But, we have a God who is truly incredible. And, this little girl is proof that prayer works. The tumor started out the size of a grapefruit. It is now the size of an egg. It has shrunk 93%! NINETY THREE! She recently went in for stem cell harvesting. Doctors were expecting counts around 40. Hers were 130,000. The cancer has not spread to her bone marrow! Prayer works miracles. I truly believe it. Please keep sweet Taylor in your prayers. Tomorrow (the 30th) she goes in for surgery to attempt to remove the tumor. Two doctors will be performing this surgery which will take about 12 hours. Twelve. That is sure a lot of time for two people to be doing one task, let alone something as detailed and tough as removing a cancerous tumor. The tumor is in some of her arteries which means that this procedure is really risky. Please keep the surgeons, Taylor, and her family in your prayers.
Taylor's surgery was two days ago.  
If you could find it in your heart to help the family, please click HERE.

To read more about Taylor, click HERE.


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