Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I took a good look in the mirror. I saw a 44 year old woman with signs of aging.  I have age spots beginning to spread, wrinkles around my eyes (when did they show up) and my neck is beginning to grow a gobbler (just in time for Thanksgiving). I cursed the wicked demon, better known as Metabolism.  I used to love Metabolism when it provided me with all the energy I needed.   Once I turned 30, Metabolism showed it's true colors and abandoned me.  Extra weight around my middle grew.  Here I am now in my 40's beginning to stress! 

How do I retain looking young??  How can I protect myself skin from further aging??
In a frenzy I began researching online about anti-aging tips ...that do not include drastic medical procedures… ** I'm not that bad yet!**

Most popular tip was Exercise because it releases endorphins that help our mind feel young.  
~My mind? Why can't the endorphins help my butt look young?

Water came in second.  Drinking water can reduce wrinkles and give you back that youthful glow.  
~Sorry Diet Pepsi.  Looks like you are being replaced with Dasani. 

Nutrition is important if you want to keep healthy skin.  The antioxidants from our diet help not only with our skin, but our other bodily organs.  
~I love sugar, chocolate and other sweets.  I was always able to eat anyway I wanted when I was younger.  It isn't like that anymore.  I began cutting out the cookies and crackers and noticed I lost a few pounds.  

De-stress! Taking time for yourself can be as easy as a quiet bath or getting a pedicure.  You can always be more elaborate and take a trip to somewhere you always wanted to go.
~This one I can handle!

Daily cleansing routine is something important to have. I use Clinique's cleaner, toner, mask and moisturizer. The mask I used twice a week to help hydrate my skin, draw out the oil in my skin and reduce pore size.  I'm sure there are other products out there that are just as good.  Clinique is my personal preference.  
~One tip I found recommended using Retinol after your wash your skin but prior to moisturizer or make up.  I am looking into this product because it is supposed to help reduce facial blemishes and a sagging neck.  

Makeup doesn't have to be heavy, light and natural is the best. Never pull down or be too rough with your skin: gravity doesn't need any help! Only apply just what you need. Your skin will be able to breath better.
~Plus makeup hides my wake-up-scary-face!

I figure 50% of aging is going to happen no matter what I do. It's all apart of getting older aging gracefully. The other 50% I can control, and since I am a control freak I know I can do this part well!

Stay Healthy!

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  1. I think you look beautiful!!! =)
    Have you heard of rodan and fields? I use their Unblemish product and it works wonders on me since I have trouble with acne, but not anymore! =D Try their anti-age products if you are really feeling troubled about the way you look. But just know that I think you look beautiful now matter how old you get!

  2. makes me wonder how much money middle-aged women spend on skin care in a year

  3. Some great tips. I've always prescribed to the notion that what you put IN your body will show up outside your body. Thus water and healthy foods clearly the best choices for skin, weight and overall feel-good. I don't think any cream can erase the affects of the wrong stuff going in for years (at least any "safe" cream I would want to put on my face!)
    The best advice I ever got was -- Exfoliate!!! So I have always used this $4.99 Apricot Scrub to wash my face. Or just a simple bar of Ivory or Dove soap and a washcloth. And pure aloe vera gel is my moisturizing best friend; but is also great for healing too; whether its a sunburn, a blemish, or a scar.
    And always, always with the daily sunscreen!! even in winter - which most forget.
    At the convention I recently attended, someone thought I was 26!! I'm 41!
    although I suspect most of that is genetics and I can't take any credit at all. :)

  4. I've reached an age where the war on aging is futile. I refuse to spend a ton of money on skin care when there's only so much good it could possibly do. ;-)

  5. I am right here with you!!! Uggg! so frustrating! I have noticed that when I exercise my skin looks better. this may just be the thing I need to keep me motivated! THANK YOU!!! :) Good post!!! I use Mary Kay - I love the stuff!

    1. I used to use Mary Kay, but found Clinique works better with my my skin type.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I'm struggling as well.

  7. Hahaha you are funny Tami! Good luck with the other 50%, although I think you are beautiful anyway :)

  8. Don't have much to add. I know lighting makes a big difference so save electricity - install lower wattage bulbs.

  9. Aging is no fun, but, unfortunately, it happens to us all. Bummer :(

    I like Clinique products, too.

  10. Tami .... aging is inevitable. Just wake up every morning and be happy. Also eat wonderful foods: smoothies, oatmeal with nuts and craisins, veggies, salads, soups.... that is my "secret". Being happy every day is important. Choosing to begin each day with a positive affirmation is also important...

    Such as:

    I am going to have a great day
    I am a worthy woman
    etc..... Much love to you Tami. xoxo

  11. I'm with you on wanting to age gracefully, which means looking like I haven't aged while the calendar continues to turn. I know it's mostly out of my control, but... I'm going to go get a big glass of water now!


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