Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Brandon and I watched The Hobbit.  We both enjoyed it.  I didn't realize there are two more Hobbit movies coming out in the near future.

Hubby asked me if I liked Adam Levine's tattoos.
I'm sorry, but that is like asking your husband "Do I look fat in this dress?"  No matter what he says, he will be inserting his foot into his mouth.  
I wisely did not answer.  Instead, let's listen to what Adam has to say about his own tattoos.

Nanny's funeral was Wednesday.  It was a lovely service.  I am blessed to have a wonderful husband to lean on during this difficult time for me.  It was hard saying goodbye to my grandmother.

I've read a lot of different reviews and site to join in lieu of Google Reader.  I picked Bloglovin' because it is very user friendly and looks pretty too!

Todd has been since for almost a week.  Yesterday his heart was pounding, he couldn't catch his breath and he looked clammy.  He wasn't in pain, so I didn't think it was a heart attack, but his doctor told us to go to the ER.  The doctors in the ER were great!  He has a lot of bloodwork drawn, a chest X-ray and a respiratory doctor came in too.  His heart is in great shape. He was diagnosed with a touch of pneumonia and sent home with antibiotics.

Wheat Thins came out with a new product called "Toasted Chips".  They claim to be 40% less fat than regular potato chips.  Problem is, I can't stop eating them until the bag is empty!

At least I have that McDonalds Sweet Tea to wash it down with.


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  1. I am in love with Adam Levine's voice. He's not too hard on the eyes either, tattoos and all. However, I am not really a fan of all that ink. I loved his look at the Grammy's this year. All cleaned up and tucked in and for the most part the tattoos covered. The boy can sing, that's for sure!

    I'm sorry for your loss. Grandparents are special people.

  2. So good to hear the service for your Nanny was lovely but I am so sorry for your loss Tami, that can't have been easy to say goodbye. I lost my Grandmother 12 years ago now and I remember how hard it was. Now I have the memories and no pain.
    Go and enjoy your sweet tea and chips, you deserve the whole bag xoxo

  3. Omg. I'm so glad Todd just had pneumnia. *phew* I hope he feels better soon. I ended up using Feedly. I opened an account a while back, but just never used it. And I loved the Hobbit! I didn't realize they broke it up into 3 installments, either, so I can't wait for the second one to come out at the end of the year!

  4. McD Sweet Tea Anonymous meetings are on Thursday nights.
    I listened to the clip. My take away - have a bad tattoo get more. Makes no sense but then tattoos don't make much sense to me.

    Sad and scary events for you recently, wishing you the best.

  5. Pneumonia is nothing to sneer at ... but it's sure much, much better than a heart attack! Hope those antibiotics clear it right up. I'm a sucker for chips, so I think I'll stay away from those Toasted Chips. ;-)

  6. Haven't watched The Hobbit yet. I like Adam's tattoos. Good news on Todd's medical issue. I will have to check out those Toasted Chips. ((Hugs)) on the loss of your grandmother.

  7. I hate all tats
    I remember how I grieved for my grandpa for years
    think in the brighy side - you're getting far less calories and fat eating a whole bag of those wheat thins than if you ate a whole bag of chips!!

    I'm here for ya

  8. hubby and I saw The Hobbit in 3D in the theatre. was pretty cool. But I hate having to wait 2 more years for the rest of the story!

    You know I will be googling Adam Levine tattoo's right after I leave here. LOL
    So sorry about your grandma, but nice that it was a lovely service and you have some great support.

  9. I don't mind all tattoo's, as long as they are tastefully done.
    My grandfather passed away about 5 years ago and I still have a good cry now and again over him.

  10. Thanks for the hugs! I'll take all I can get.
    My son and I love Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you like fantasy / action type movies then you will enjoy The Hobbit.

  11. Lucky for Todd it was a mild case. I was on his case more than 3 days to go to the dr. He didn't listen and see what happens! When will men ever learn that the wife is always right! ;-)

  12. I don't necessary agree with his philosophy. LOL
    I totally admit I have a sweet tea problem. You know it's bad when you make excuses to run an errand just so you can pick up a sweet tea. ;-)

  13. I'm pretty sure it's the end of this year. At least that is what one web site said. And of course I believe every thing I read on the internet. ;-)

  14. I began an ancestry scrapbook to record the events that I remember about each grandparent. I do not remember much about my great-grandparents so I thought it would be nice for my boys to know something about theirs.

  15. I think December 2013. I read it on the Internet, too!

  16. I don't think everyone wears ink well. Some tattoos I think look good on certain people. It's all a person preference. My husband hates tattoo's and would never get one.
    Thank you for your condolences.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Do you remember the Cosmo picture I sent you of Adam? You can view ALL his tat's very well!!
    I don't like 3D movies. I get headaches from them. Now that we watched The Hobbit, it looks like Brandon and I will be having a Lord of the Rings weekend.

  18. i'm so sorry to hear about your nanny...i'm glad that your husband is so caring and supportive. *big hugs* it's times like those that have a way of bringing you so close to one another. <3

    steve watched the hobbit the other day and loved it!

    todd will be in my prayers as will you, my friend. sending lots of love and wishing you a great weekend. eat all the wheat thins you want. :)



  19. I love Adam but not the tats. I think he's overdone it. But that's every person's choice. He has to like them. Not me.

    I hope hubby gets better soon.

    (Insert my "mother voice" here) STOP going to McDonald's!

  20. My two favorite celebs Anderson and Adam...wish Adam had taken off his shirt and showed him....what! Happy Todd is not having heart problems, better safe than sorry...still scary to have pneumonia...I had that once took me eight weeks to feel better! Sorry about your nanny makes me sad...((hugs)) ! Have a restful weekend!

  21. I do not like tattoos and I say that having two sons with lots of tattoos.....I do have my eyeliner tattooed on, but I think that's different although number 2 son says that makes me a hypocrite.....I say ok. :)

    So glad your husband is strong for you at a difficult time!

    Anything medical is very scary, so glad it wasn't anything worse!

  22. I may have saved that image on my computer....but, I confess nothing!! ;)

  23. skip the wheat thins and try cracked pepper triscuits! Very addicting!


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