Friday, March 29, 2013


Good Friday All!

In case you hadn't heard, I had the flu last weekend and it took me this long to begin to even feel remotely human again.  HAVING THE FLU SUCKS!

I was proud to say I have never had a cavity in my life.  At the last check up the dentist informed me I have a small cavity in a right back molar.   Apparently it is so small she almost missed it on the X-ray.

Todd and Zachary flew to FL to go visit a college that Zachary wants to attend.  The stories from that trip will be coming soon!

This Sunday we are celebrating Easter at Todd's parents home.  Todd's mom is still recovering from her broken hip, so this year she is having dinner catered.  It is going to be fun watching my nephew and nieces search for eggs.  My boys have stopped that tradition a few years ago.  They think they are too cool for an Egg Hunt.  Happy Easter to you all!


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  1. wishing you and your family a beautiful easter!! <3

    i hope it is a relaxing and wonderful day for you!

    how awesome you have 2 apple tvs!!

    lots of lovexoxox


  2. Thanks. I am finally feeling much better….a week later.

  3. Easter egg hunt - We found the older kids often enjoy hiding the eggs for the littler ones. Two Apple TVs - I've seen the device sold on the internet but don't anyone who owned one until now.
    TV service and packaging is changing and in a few years today's service will be like remember when there was no cable.

  4. You have a blessed Easter, Tami.

    AND, thanks for being even later to the FF party than was I. I thought FOR SURE I'd be last!

  5. I posted my FF on time, I just forgot to link up. LOL
    Happy Easter.

  6. I really like the Apple TV. You can view, buy or rent TV shows or Movies - you can play your iTunes Music, watch videos from YouTube. Everything is in HD too. We got ours from Best Buy.
    Great idea about the EE hunt. Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. This Florida girl is very curious about the FL college....if it's UF and he needs a substitute mama, count me in!
    Happy Easter to you and yours. xoxo

  8. Florida is a long ways wonder those pictures were so pretty it's in paradise! Glad you are feeling better! So nice to watch the Voice and Adam...I like the change in judges so far! Happy Easter!


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