Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogging Tip #3: How to Put Links in Comment Boxes

Unfortunately some blogs do not have menus or buttons that allow you to quickly add a link back to your blog.  

So you try to leave a link back to your blog in the comments section and it never links?  

There's a way around that. Don't abuse this, obviously, but this is such a handy little tip, particularly if you want other bloggers to link back to your blog. 

First, click on 'comments' below this post. Done that

Great! Now, if you look down, you will see a link in red.  You'll notice the URL is different. It's not - it has the title after it too. This is the kind of URL you need if you want to link back to your blog in a comment.

Next, type your comment below, then type this into the comment box: 

<a href="">Pretty Purplexing</a>

Simply replace "" with the URL of the post of blog you want to link to, and replace "Pretty Purplexing" with text you want to display.  So that would show up as Pretty Purplexing in a comment, and would link back to here.

I hope you find this tip useful.

7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. What a useful tip ... and I'm going to use it right now! ;-) <a href=">Empty Nest But Full Heart</a>

  2. Well, I typed in what you wrote, but I don't see the link in my comment. :-(

  3. Thanks

    Not having to mess with the html code, "<a" "href" is one of the benefits of Disqus. I can just drop the link into the comment box and it becomes linked.
    Now it doesn't replace the URL with a nice phrase or word. You wrote "don't abuse it". As you probably know many blogs have their comment section set to not accept links since spammers love dropping links all around.
    One addition thing I did when using the html code method was to create a simple text file with the format and just replace the strings to what I wanted and then copy/paste into the comment box.

    I just wish more bloggers used Disqus.

  4. I have been happy with Disqus too.

  5. If one little thing is off, it won't work. Try it again. :)


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