Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let's go on a Road Trip

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Okay, I know it's not Tuesday.  The flu has my schedule screwed up.

Let's go on a Road Trip.  Where are you going?  You can take 3 people.   Who are they and what are their respective responsibilities on the trip? 

Does driving to an airport and then catching a plane to Ireland count? 

My husband, myself and our boys have traveled up and down the East Coast of the good 'ole USA.  So if we were to go on a road trip, I would head in the direction of Canada.

Why Canada, eh?
One huge reason is HOCKEY DAY. Canadians host an annual event that celebrates the sport of Ice Hockey.  Rivalry NHL hockey teams play against one another and a massive youth hockey tournament is held all on the same day!  

Hockey aside; the other travel destinations in Canada I would like to visit:

Niagara Falls
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In the winter there is a park where you can go ice skating near the falls.  During the spring and fall months Queen Victoria's Park provides the best view of the falls in addition to it's own landscaped beauty.  I have been told you can purchase package deals to take tours behind the falls (rain poncho included. haha!)   

My heart stopped when I found out there is a Wine Trail.  

Click HERE to view Niagara Falls live.

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Ahhh! Just breathe that mountain air!
This destination is for nature lovers.  Melting glaciers off the Ten Peaks, stone and mortar lodges in Banff National Park and Bow Lake are just a few breathtaking destinations I would love to see.

Last but not least, I would take a trip to see Les!  How cool would it be to meet her and Left Brain!  (In case you didn't guess, Left Brain is her husband).
Now…. who would I take??  
I could be witty and say Adam Levine, Adam Levine and Adam Levine…
but I won't.
Hands down - I would take my husband, Todd - my BFF, Heather and her husband, Chad.
Responsibilities would fall towards each of our strengths.  
-Chad is awesome at navigation.
-Heather is OCD when it comes to where we stay and finding the best deals.
-Todd scopes out the best places to eat.
-Me, I just tag along and enjoy the trip!
Where would you go?  

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  1. i hope you're feeling better and better and got to take it easy this weekend!
    ahh, i really want to visit niagra looks gorgeous and full of so many beautiful sights!
    wishing you a wonderful week. <3<3<3

  2. road trips generally take me to Acadia Ntl. Park in Maine. It's a long trip but well worth it!

  3. We've travelled to Acadia. It's gorgeous!!

  4. It is on the top of our vacation trips to see.


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