Thursday, July 18, 2013

{Friday Fragments}

Unknown Mami


I cannot believe an entire week went by without me making a blog post!  What's up with THAT?
Isn't she precious….
This is one of my day care angels. We went to a local playground and she had a blast!
I am doing a happy dance….

I was a guest blogger (my very first time) at Dangled Carat!  You can see me HERE.

Visitors from Ireland…
A high school friend of Todd's moved to Ireland and got married in the early 2000s.  Joe, Kate and the kids came home for the 4th of July and stayed for a few weeks.  We were able to spend an evening with them. It was very nice to catch up with old friends.  When they go back home Kate promised to send me my favorite Irish Tea. =)

My garden is growing cray, mutant zucchini...
I have made 5 loves of bread, zucchini burgers (really good by the way), zucchini cake (like carrot cake, topped with cream cheese icing) and zucchini cupcakes.
My heart is broken...
Mr. Adam Levine is now engaged.  You can read the sad news HERE.
And I just got that new iPhone case too!!
I wish you all a Happy Friday.  Me?  I'll be in mourning. 


20 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. you have so many adorable munckins in your days, tami!! :)
    you know, everytime i hear adam levine, i think of you!!!
    i hope you're doing well and staying cool, my friend! xoxox

  2. Have you ever eaten zucchinni flowers...I've had them stuffed in Italy and they were delicious! I've never made them myself, but I'm sure the interntet could help with a recipe.

  3. I have never heard of that before. I'll check it out. If they aren't good, I know where to find you. LOL

  4. And I love all the munchkins too!
    All is well, except this heat! Lucky me.. I get to sit in a hockey rink… now talk to me in December, I don't think I will be so lucky then.

  5. I love zucchini everything. My mom loves my Z bread. She calls it that because of my name and for the obvious reason:)

  6. I like zucchini dishes and eggplant too. Congrats on the guest post.
    Do you always get such sweet smiles from you customer angels?

  7. He's engaged?? He's cheating on you?! I am shocked and appalled.
    You seriously have the cutest day care kids ever. Do you have a clause in your contract, "amazingly cute kids only?" I love your pics of them!

  8. Poor girls crying over Adam.

  9. I've been experimenting with different zucchini dishes. I have too many in my garden - and that is just from 1 plant! I made some loaves of bread that are in the freezer.

  10. I like eggplant parmesan.
    Most of the time smiles are abundant. There are a time or two I had to deal with temper tantrums. ;-)

  11. Well… considering I am already spoken for… he technically isn't 'cheating'. ;-)
    How did you know about the clause in my contract? LOL

  12. Crying is a mild term for what Levine fans are going through. ;-)

  13. Just read your guest post at Dangled Carat... you are AWESOME, and so is your hubby :)

    And I love zucchini, wish I'd thought to plant some!

    Happy weekend!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer
    Jenn's Random Scraps

  14. I hear a lot of people are mourning due to the Adam Levine news. My garden is not doing well this year, even cucs and zucchini which usually grow like mad. Have a great weekend.

  15. Yep, mourning here too!

    My garden was dug up but never planted, I'm a lousy farmer this year.
    I love Irish tea.

    I just read your guest post, yes you and your husband are very brave and amazing.
    The little girl is absolutely adorable.
    Has the heat gotten to you yet??

  16. Oh Doreen, the heat has been horrific! I love being outside and this has restricted me to the indoors. I'm going crazy.
    I just got a message that my Irish tea is on is't way! YAY!
    Thank you for reading my guest post. I am overwhelmed by the kind comments.

  17. Hi Sawn. My cucumbers are growing crazy. I'll send some your way. ;-)

  18. Thank you Jenn for taking the time to read my guest post and double thank you for the compliment. *blush*

  19. Congratulations on the guest post. So exciting. Ooh boo. Adam Levine.

  20. I love zucchini!!! And my garden has given me none :-( I may have to hang my garden gloves up for good. I can't seem to make it work.

    Yay for a great visit with old friends. What a treasure those visits are, right?? What is your favorite Irish tea?


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