Monday, August 12, 2013

I Really Want To 'SMELL' Somebody!

I am in total Heaven!

 Not only can I see him, but now I can smell him!

Adam Levine launched his own fragrance in February. 
February?  Why am I just finding out about it NOW?

What can we expect? 

Adam Levine states:  “You don’t really want someone to smell you unless they’re really close to you.”
   Boy, would I ever love to get close to him!

(In case you didn't catch my humor in the title of this post: It's a twist on a line in a Maroon 5's song "Love Somebody").

8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. So are you going to buy the cologne for the hubs and let your imagination wonder? Heehee.

    Happy smelling!

  2. uh, should say wander not wonder

  3. Exactly! A gift that keeps on giving!!

  4. Fragrance can define a man. I wouldn't mind a whiff of Levine's new cologne, myself.

  5. Do you think he wears his own fragrance? Smother Todd in it anyway and pretend that he does lol

  6. ohmygoodness, i bet it smells great! he is HOT!! :)

  7. the only thing that would make this post absolute if it was Scratch n Sniff.

    And hello....where were we when he wanted to test how it smelled on a woman!!!?? Oh yes I volunteer. ;)

  8. haha! Scratch n Sniff would have been the icing on the cake!


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