Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do I really want to Share? {Tuesday Coffee Chat}

Share!  We must share the toys.  Share the crayons.  Share the dolls.  Share the blocks.  Share and be nice to one another!  You must share and be a good friend!

I swear I must say these things one-hundred times a day.  Considering I take care of 7 children at my daycare, 100 is a pretty accurate number.

Toddlers hate to share!  Yes, it can be annoying - but you must remember they are just acting their age. Sharing is a skill that takes a few years for a child to grasp.  It takes a lot of patience to deal with a toddler who screams "Mine!"  
Positive re-enforcement works wonders.  
Punishing a toddler never works.  Instead: don't make a big deal over it, but do let them know you are disappointed and explain why.  

When you see a child sharing: PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!!  
Catch them in the act of sharing and let them know they are a good friend by doing so.  

There are times when sharing isn't the answer.
For example, when you deal with a child who whines that 'so in so' isn't sharing, just so he can get his own way.  Believe it or not, kids can be sneaky that way!  

When I deal with that type of scenario, I ask the children "Who had it first?"  Typically they whiny kid gives it back.  I then tell whiny child "You may play with the toy when 'so in so' is done".
Encourage playing together.
Yelling at a child NEVER works.  It confuses a child and only makes the adult more frustrated.

It's good for children to learn to talk things out amount themselves.  I will prompt "How can you do it together?"  or "What can you do so both of you get a turn?" 

It amazes me to see children interact and come up with their own ideas. 
I shared my idea with you.
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4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Great post! I'm constantly preaching to my three daughters to share! my oldest who is 7 understands that our littles who is 2 years is still comprehending the idea. And praising her works wonders!


  2. I have to use that word "SHARE" every week with the kids in the church youth group... they don't outgrow the MINE MINE MINE idea :)

  3. You're very good at sharing and instructing on how to share. I am the total opposite.

  4. Some great advice!

    I actually used my stove timer a few times for a particular toy that was in high demand in my house. And I often have put the toy in question in Time Out, if 2 toddlers could not work out their sharing. Then they had to work Together! to have good behaviour - so the toy could get out of Time Out again.
    I am pretty sure Left Brain got me my own laptop so he wouldn't have to share the computer. LOL It's the thought that counts, right?

    (and yes, was definitely expecting some gratuitous Adam Levine....or is that for next week's All I Want for Christmas topic? ;)


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