Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gettin' Crafty {Tuesday Coffee Chat}

Today's Topic: Gettin' Crafty.  Make anything lately?

I make crafts with the kids almost every day.  Last week we talked about forest animals and one of the animals was an owl.  The night-time owl diorama turned out really cute.
Things you need:
8x10 black foam piece, rectangle styrafoam, various sizes of sicks from the backyard, wiggle eyes, stickpins and snow spray (the kind you use to spray your windows with).

It's really easy to make too.  
-glue the wiggle eyes to the black foam, anywhere and as many as you like.
-place sticks in the styrofoam.
-use stickpins to attach the black foam to the styrofoam. (adults only)(I tried glue but it wouldn't stick to the styrofoam).
-spray 'snow spray' around the sticks to make it look like snow drifts. (The snow spray didn't dry very well, so be careful or skip this step).

For other kids crafts go to my daycare blog: Aunt Tami's House


8 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I remember crafting with my kids when they were small. That was a lot of fun and gives me such fond memories now. Nice to meet you via Tuesday Coffee Chat!

  2. This week's chat is killing me because I had absolutely nothing to contribute so I talked about my ability to make the Carolina Panthers win out of sheer will and my complete lack of ability to DIY anything. That's lovely, my kids would adore it!

  3. Thank you Cathy. Nice to meet you too! =)

  4. Nice twist to this week's chat. =)
    Other than the sticks, I got all the items at Michaels Craft Store. Go ahead and make it with the kids!!

  5. LOVE IT!!! Oh my gosh....my girls are always collecting sticks from the backyard (pooh sticks game ya know, ha!) and they love owls. I am sure we have a whole bag of googlie eyes around somewhere too. This will be our very first Snow Day craft!! Thank you - you may have saved me. LOL

  6. Those googly eyes make any craft more fun.


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