Monday, December 30, 2013

Santa must be a hockey fan!

Santa must have thought I was a very good Hockey Mom this year!

 I was sent a Hockey Mom necklace in the mail. It was wrapped in a pretty purple bag inside a purple bubble wrap envelope.  It had to be sent by someone who knows me, hence the purple packaging.  However, the return address was the company who made the necklace.

I don't have any idea who sent me such a lovely gift.
I have to assume it was from Santa-hockey-fan-Claus.
Thank you Santa.  I love the necklace!

4 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. How fun! It's cute too-enjoy!

  2. What a cute necklace! I got figure skate earrings.:)

  3. A secret Santa ?? Have you ever played hockey yourself? I got hockey skates years and years ago. I would play with other guys in the neighborhood on nearby frozen ponds. I never mastered the backward skating. Even my forward speed was slow and backwards was almost stationary. I remember getting whacked on the hand by the puck once. With our lack of equipment I'm surprised we didn't get seriously injured.

  4. I've only enjoyed the sport as a spectator. I do skate for fun though. Going backwards is not one of my strengths. ;-)
    Even with the equipment Brandon wears, he still comes home with aches, pains and bruises.


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