Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground

Show-me-your-butt-why-don't-you low riding pants is a trend I'd like to see disappear in 2014.

Seriously people!!  Why do boys think it's okay to wear their pants practically to the ground?

I like to think I am a sensible semi-plump, middle-aged woman who wears my pants around the belly button.  I have a hard enough time keeping the muffin top under control, so why would I wear low-risers?
This song by Larry Platt expresses my sentiments!!

As the title implies, the song talks about how people seriously need to pull their pants up, because below waistline doesn't really make them look "cool."

I have an 18 year old son who wears his pants in this fashion. Drives me nuts!  I did a google search on the matter and found a site that had the funniest reasons why boys wear their pants so low.  I had to share.

10:  They just have too much junk in their pants (i.e. well endowed) and they need more room for things to “spread out”, shall we say….
9. They have just spent lots of money on VERY cool boxers and want to share their amazing undies with the world.
8. They are working on their arm muscles, and having to reach down and hitch up their pants every two steps while they are walking is a mini workout.
7. They have a new amazing belt, and think if they belt their pants around their thighs, you will have more opportunity to see it.
6. There was a super clearance sale at the Big and Tall shop, and they just couldn’t pass up a good bargain, even if the pants are three sizes too big.
5. They received hand me downs from a much larger person, and just couldn’t refuse accepting and wearing them (possible beat down there).
4. They have recently lost LOTS of weight and therefore their pants don’t fit properly anymore, and constantly fall down.
3. They have decided they are taking a stand on running, they are just NOT going to do it, hence the low pants…you can’t run in those things even if you needed to. Criminals who need to get away fast do NOT wear saggy britches…….Just sayin’……
2. They have decided to boost the economy in their later years by ruining their hips now (have you seen the wide stance walk they have to use to move in their way too big pants), so they can spend money later on things like walkers, canes, etc to get around.
and the number 1 reason men wear their pants low:
1. They are overheated and just need the butt and nut air conditioning…….
I did another google search to find where this fad's origins began.  It actually makes sense how it began.  Prisoners were using belts to hang themselves.  After they were no longer allowed to have belts for safety reasons they had to hitch their pants up.  Other people (like rappers) began wearing their pants like this because they thought it made them look tough. Eventually the public caught on.

 I personally think it looks ridiculous! (My son included)!


7 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Thank you for my guffaw laugh this morning. I loved it!

  2. Having worked in a prison, I can say you are absolutely right. They are not given belts -- however, their pants generally fit. But their "hommies" on the outside, who wear baggy pats as style, started going without belts too as a homage to their fellow gang members serving time. So, that I get.
    White boy from the suburbs? Who you payin homage to brother? yeah. get em up. LOL
    so funny that we were both thinking of this today.

    and THAT was the best audition ever! I remember that.

  3. I don't get it either... It has to be miserable to walk like that

  4. How interesting! I didn't know where this trend originated from. Sometimes I forget our trends always come from somewhere. My favorite reason for pants falling off is the number one reason of course! So funny!

  5. I have to agree. #1 is the best option. =)

  6. I think so too!! Really ridiculous lol and I wonder whether these young men will look back in ten years and cringe at their poor fashion choices? Wouldn't people from 100 years ago be shocked at society today??


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