Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things that make you go EEEWWW!

Forget haunted houses, horror movies, blood and guts, even a toddler booger wall mural next to their bed.
These things I can handle.

Things that skeeve me out are:

Dirty crusted teeth.  If someone doesn't take care of their teeth, can you imagine what other bodily regions they do not take care of.

The sound of people eating.  The open mouth chewing and lip smacking. I really don't want to see how mashed up your food is while you eat.

Uncovered sneezes or sneezing in your hand.  All I can visualize is germs flying in the air or the germs someone spreads by touching with a sneezed into hand.

A cluttered house.  Once a friend jokingly said to me "You don't have a junk draw, do you?"  Ummm, no I truly do not!

Cereal Milk.  You know, the forgotten kind.

Asparagus Pee.  I have my husband to thank for adding this to my list.

How about you? What things make you go eewww!!


12 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I'm gagging at these myself....

  2. Tami...I'm in total agreement with you! BLECH!

  3. Ugh. I'm making dinner right now. Kind of wish I wasn't : ) I'm with you on people talking with food in their mouth. Blech!

  4. So sorry! I hope I didn't ruin your dinner. Perhaps you should order out. LOL

  5. enough for you to call out sick from work? heehee

  6. asparagus pee!! Oh, I'm dying. but, it's so true!! That's how I got my kids to try it... told them it would make their pee smell funny and turn green! LOL
    clutter drives me bonkers too. I have a noisy brain that's already jam packed, so if you fill up my external space too: watch out.

  7. skeeve - I don't think I've ever used that word in a sentence.
    Spoiled milk? If I called that cereal milk I might get turned off of cereal.
    Guess I'm being too pedantic and so a bit of a bore. Too often I get hung up on words.
    I also do not like hearing food being eaten. This is especially noticeable if I'm not eating myself.

  8. Skeeve was a popular word when I was a teenager. I looked in the urban dictionary to see if it really was a word. =D Yep! It is!

  9. Have them eat asparagus around st. patty's day! haha!! Tell them it's how the leprechauns pee.

  10. I have a lot, really. I have issues. lol I hate feet. I have an aversion to them touching me. Also body parts unattached to a body (like a sculpture of hands or a random leg). And I cannot touch dog or cat food with my hands. My husband will give the dog or cat a handful of food - I can't do that!! It freaks me out. I have to use a scoop, and if wet pet food touches me - ugh. Wash hands immediately.
    Yeah, I could go on. LOL

  11. I thought it might be slang. One site said it was from an Italian word, scheavose. Since it sounds like heave, I figured it is related.

  12. OMG! we are like weirded out twins! So many items on your list are on mine… I gag if I see someone pick up their cereal bowl and drink the milk...


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