Friday, July 25, 2014


Feeling Beachie

My favorite time of the day is the morning because it is quiet and I can enjoy a hot cup of tea without being interrupted.

I find Ireland very peaceful when I drink a cup of hot tea.  Ireland is where I first started drinking hot tea.  When my husband and I went to a restaurant, I ordered a glass of ice tea.  The waitress looked at me like I was crazy and said, "We don't have ice".  What??  So I got a pot of hot tea and was hooked.  The tea I drink is from Ireland.  I won't drink anything else.  Luckily there is an Irish store at the beach we vacation to every year.  I stock up!

Why do I always think poorly of myself.  I don't understand why I have poor self esteem.  I could rant and rave about my dysfunctional childhood being the root.  Perhaps it is.  Whatever the reason, it is a hard thing to break.

Why do I always have panic attacks when I go to the grocery store?  I should say, I don't anymore.  I never understood why I did though, until one day I had a flashback/memory of my mother locking me and my sisters in the car while she ran into the grocery store.  It was so hot in the car and my sister said she couldn't breathe.  I rolled down the window to get some air in the car.  When my mother came out, she yelled at me for rolling down the window.  I get very upset when I hear on the news of children dying from being left in a hot car because I can relate to the the horrible feelings those children went thru.  Lucky for me and my siblings, we were okay.

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  1. I enjoy tea too, but I've never been fortunate enough to go to Ireland! Poor self-esteem is hard to break free from for sure. That's a scary story about the hot car. I can't imagine having to sit in there and the panicked feelings that must have set in.

  2. My grandmother taught us to enjoy hot tea with honey when we were young, extra good with cinnamon and sugar toast! I drink iced tea all day long, all year. It doesn't take much to damage a child's self-esteem, and it is so hard to repair as an adult. I can promise you that as you get older you will learn to love yourself more and care less about what others think of you! We must always forgive ourselves first, we do the best we can with what we have at any time in our lives. Tomorrow is always a new day to try for better! Start keeping a list of things you do well, instead of things you don't. You'll be surprised how long it grows if you work at it! To be closed in hot stuffy places is terrifying at any age, and a car can be deadly for a child or a pet. Your mother was wrong to leave you there, you did the right thing to roll the window down! Shopping in stores is an anxiety all it's own, too many people, too many options, too expensive, too much noise - sensory overload. I break it into small trips - fast in, fast out works better.

  3. That sounds like a reason you panic when you go to the store. That is scary. At least you could roll the window down.

    I hope you stop thinking poorly of yourself. Look at this wonderful blog you have put together, and I am sure you have many other terrific things you have done in your life.

    Take care, and have a great weekend.

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  4. Oh I think I can definitely understand the reasons you panic!! Who wouldn't? My mom could be very nervous, emotional and frantic sometimes -- which is why I think I went so far the other way. Almost too chill sometimes. It's hard to find that happy medium.
    I love tea. I drink tea at night usually -- would love to try some Irish tea. I mostly have Ceylon or English breakfast. Chai is nice every now and then, but it's quite sweet.

  5. I don't know why you have poor self esteem either - I think you are beyond terrific!!!

  6. I can understand how the bad memory you describe would haunt you. Wishing you good tea times and pleasant memories of Ireland.

  7. How about I send you a few bags to try?

  8. Thank you Elizabeth for the kind words!

  9. Great advice! I think the list of things I do well could end up being a post on my blog! ;-)

  10. It is very scary as a child. I literally cry when I hear about a child or animal being left in a car.


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