Friday, December 12, 2014

4 Randon things about me!

Feeling Beachie
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The statements
  1. I can’t believe my baby is applying to colleges.  This has been nerve racking for me.  The thought of my last child leaving home.  
  2. Purple is my favorite color. (okay, I admit I could have come up with something more original).
  3. If I could stop working I would be spending my time with underprivileged children. My heart is huge when it comes to helping children.  I have an in-home day care - which I love!
  4. December is freaking freezing!!  Although February and March are much colder. BRRRR!

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17 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. I just keep thinking every day is closer to Spring :)

  2. We are alot alike! Purple is my favorite color, I had an in home daycare, and my youngest is going to appy to college next year (he took a couple of years off as he joined the National Guard). Have a great Friday!

  3. Sounds like you're a pretty cool person!! ;-)

  4. I like purple too.

    I am freezing...hate the cold.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by my post earlier.

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  5. My husband jokes and tells me I should like the cold because it turns my lips purple. Funny guy! ;-D

  6. I like purple, too. I agree about December - I'm so cold!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love purple too! anything bright and happy - I like.
    Thankfully we are not too cold up here just yet. A few days below zero, but I think we actually have rain forecast this week.

  8. I like purple too! Deep purple... :)
    Wow, what a mile-stone. Thank god you have the little ones with you during the day. That's got to help a little. I can't even imagine. Luckily, I still have a little bit of time before my babies fly from the coop.

  9. The temps is what I hate most about Dec.. I am always so cold and I know I am just going to get colder!

  10. Historically, January is our coldest month. We tend to go subzero then.
    Gee, is purple really your favourite colour? Ha!

  11. Purple. Yep, not original at all. haha!

  12. I'm always cold too. I like to crochet in the winter months because as the blanket gets longer the warmer I am. :-D

  13. Smoke on the water is my iPhone ringtone. LOL

    I'm grateful for being surrounded by the little ones. I'm sure you have heard it from many people, but enjoy the time you have.. it goes quickly.

    schönes Wochenende!

  14. Sometimes I wish I could be somewhere warmer in the winter. But Christmas would feel weird wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You have a good weekend too!

  15. Some people count down to Christmas. I count down to Spring. haha!

  16. Rain = mud. Mud = muddy dog. Muddy dog = tracking mud in the house. Mud in the house = one unhappy Mama! I'd rather have the snow. LOL

  17. same story with 3 kids! but I am sure you know all about that too.
    although, I did find snow in my bathroom the other day, it's cleaner but still a cold surprise to step in!


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