Friday, December 19, 2014

I would never... {Friday Four Fill-In Fun}

Feeling Beachie
This week’s blog hop is from Hilary at Feeling Beachie 
co-hosted with Elizabeth from Silver's Reviews.

The statements:

  1. I would never_____
  2. Do you always______
  3. ______ is my favorite holiday
  4. Realizing______ makes me______
My answers:
  1. I would never get another dog!  We got a chocolate lab, Maggie, in the summer and she has been a Tasmanian devil.  It's been overwhelming having a puppy and watching 6 kids in my home.  **Just shoot me now!**  Maggie is 9 months and is finally beginning to calm down.  I taught her not to jump on people, wait for her food until I tell her it's okay to eat (proud of that one), sit, stay, lay down.  Still working on the walking and coming to me when I call her name.  She prefers sniffing the grass instead of listening.  Any training tips are helpful!!  I have had dogs before and don't remember being this overwhelmed with a puppy.  She is high maintenance!  

  2. Do you always put the toilet seat down?  I would recommend it if you have toddlers.  One time Zachary threw a ball like a basketball player from across the bathroom.  It landed in the toilet just as his brother flushed.  The toilet overflowed. ugh!  We had to remove the entire toilet to get the ball out!!

  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I just love everything about Halloween.  The fall decorations, pumpkins, mums, witches and ghosts and of course, CANDY!  

  4. Realizing nap time is over makes me want to cry.  Okay, maybe nothing that dramatic. But OH how I love nap time!!


13 pretty purplexing comments:

  1. Ha, I remember how sacred nap time is when you have toddlers/preschoolers. I certainly remember how we treasured it at the preschools I worked at! :)
    I've heard that Labs are beautiful, loyal dogs but very playful and need a firm hand! As much as I miss having a big dog, I'm at a point in our lives where I don't want another one either. The cat and little dog we have right now are enough!

  2. Oh I dread the day that all my kids don't nap any more! Maybe I can force quiet time in their room when that happens? LOL.

  3. It's been so long since I had a dog... but I can tell you I am finding cats are not that easy either! and they drink out of the toilet bowl too! so yes, I am trying to remind everyone to put the lid down. especially since they often have trouble with step 1: flush.
    I can remember using treats and positive reinforcements with our dogs. aside from that, it was just like raising kids: being firm and consistent.

  4. Maggie is beautiful and follows me around everywhere. You got it right, she is VERY playful. Luckily we have another dog (who is partial lab) who takes most of the brunt of Maggie's playfulness. Sometimes I feel sorry for Ellie.
    After Teddy passed away I honestly didn't think I'd get another dog. I caved.
    Two dogs and two cats are more than enough for me.
    Have a Merry Christmas!! xo

  5. When my boys grew out of their naps I did have quiet time in their rooms. They had to sit in their bed with the books and 'quiet' toys I gave them. Just enough quiet time to give me a break from their rowdiness. =)
    The kids that I babysit now are different ages. Some nap, some don't. I don't get a break at all and it is very, very difficult.
    Merry Christmas!! xo

  6. I complain about my dog, but I really do love her. Once she grows out of her puppy stage (hopefully sooner than later) she will be an awesome dog. I have two cats. One is mischievous, but adorable. The other one looks like a fat garfield and doesn't move when the puppy tries to chase. It must not be fun anymore because the puppy gave up. Chalk up 1 win for the kitty!
    Ah... the flush stage... isn't THAT fun!
    Merry Christmas my dear friend! Love you tons!!!

  7. I put the seat down because I don't trust Lucy… It's funny, with Alex we always left it open

  8. You're doing great to have her that well trained this quickly - especially the eating part.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Love ya back! <3

  10. Labs are the best dogs in the world, but they are wild and crazy and it seems like they stay that way for two or three years. They have a long puppy phase! I laughed at the toilet story!

  11. Funny how they each have their own traits and personalities. Merry Christmas Hilary!


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