Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions

This was our first Thanksgiving with Maggie.
She patiently waited for someone, anyone, to drop some turkey.
Todd learned how to carve a turkey (from a friend who is a chef) 
using a knife instead of an electric knife.
 It's fair to say, he carved almost every ounce of turkey.
 Our Thanksgiving traditions include Todd and his brother, Chad attending the OJR high school football game.  OJR is the high school they graduated from and the team Chad played for.

We eat our meal around 1pm.  I make a bread stuffing that my Poppop taught me how to make.  He passed away 7 years ago, but I can still hear his voice telling which ingredients to use.
Everyone else helps out by bringing more delicious casseroles, veggies and dessert.

The day is wrapped up by watching NFL football. 
This year is was the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Dallas Cowboys.
Considering we live close to Philly, almost everyone is an Eagles fan... everyone expect Todd.  He is a Cowboys fan.  He is also tormented by every family member.  Especially when the Eagles beat the Cowboys.  

I am especially thankful for my family!

Todd's parents: Stan and Judy
 Ahren, Todd and Brandon
Zachary wasn't able to come home from college for Thanksgiving.
I'm excited to see him at Christmas!
 Todd and I
 Todd and me along with our friends, Heather and Chad.
 My brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  Also Chad and Heather.
Yes, I think it's strangely humorous.
Heather's parents also joined us, along with their children Max, Morgan and Tyce. 
 Morgan declined having her picture taken.  She's moody like that and is only in second grade!
Heather, me and Heather.
 Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. so nice to have your family for the holiday. and it sounds like some great traditions - of course it's hockey for us - but I have been trying to watch more American football. I have someone explaining the rules this time, so that makes it more enjoyable.


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