Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Todd!

We celebrated Todd's birthday on Saturday at his brother, Chads house. This is my niece, Morgan helping Uncle Todd blow out the candles on his cake.
It was a very warm day so the boys got to swim in the pool!
We were supposed to have a picnic at our house on Monday, but Todd got really sick. We thought it was strep throat, but his culture came back negative. Just a very bad virus! We had to cancel the picnic, but rescheduled it for this weekend. I am crossing my fingers the weather holds up.
I hope everyone had a good memorial day weekend!


Last game of the season. A Big win against arch rivals Boyertown!!
Brandon on the left and his friend, Jack on the right.

My friend, Joette and I were on the sidelines watching the team warm up. Joette was trying to call her husband (who is the coach with the black shirt on the right) but he wasn't picking up his cell phone. So Joette called the head coach, Kurt. I took this picture when Joette asked Kurt if she could speak to her husband. His reply (which we could hear across the field) was "Are you kidding me? He is only 50 feet away?!".

Friday, May 22, 2009

Holy Mulch Pile Batman!

Todd got an entire load of mulch from his friend Eric, who owns Colonial Gardens. We are spending this weekend planting three trees and mulching the front and back flower beds, and around the pond. I already got sunburnt from one day! We are having a picnic on Monday with friends to celebrate Todds 39th birthday. Happy Memorial Day to All! Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do they EVER grow up?

I caught Zachary (who is 14) sitting in Zoey's stroller "zooming" back and forth on our front porch. What ever possed him I have NO idea. (I got him on video tape too! hee hee)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

He Shoots... He Scores!!

YEAH MOOSE! He got his first lacrosse goal!!
This game the coach let Brandon play midi instead of defense. It was a good decision, because Brandon scored! It was so exciting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Date Night

Saturday night we went out to dinner in Philly at a restaurant called Bomb Bomb and to see Dane Cook.

The restaurant got it's name because of the mob. Apparently when the mob was a thing in Philly the restaurant was fire bombed twice. Hence the name: Bomb Bomb. The meal was nice and the waiter was drop dead gorgeous!

Dane Cook was great! I laughed so hard! We all vowed to go out more often!

Happy Mothers Day

I hope everyone enjoyed Mothers Day. Brandon had a lacrosse game in NJ. It took us an hour and half to drive there. I'm sure glad they won!!! Later we stopped at Todds parents house for dinner. Todd got me a statue of a boy playing hockey. It really was a nice day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dedication or Torture?

I thought these photos were funny because both coaches look like they are ready to pull their hair out! So far this season has not gone well. In fact we just won our first game yesterday in the pouring down rain!!

This is Coach Kurt. He has coached LAX for many years even though his kids are grown. In fact his son, Kasey is now coaching the High School LAX team. I cannot express how much admiration I have for Kurt for taking so much time to dedicate to the children and encourage the game of lacrosse.

On the far right is Coach John. His son Jack plays hockey and lacrosse with Brandon. John also helps coach hockey. John is a great mentor for the boys and is great at showing the boys how to improve their game in a positive way. (Zachary is in the background with the black shirt - he didn't play that day because of his stiches).

Thanks guys for everything!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bridal Shower

We had a bridal shower for Heather at a cottage. It was a nice private location and we really had a lot of fun!
Holly (Heather's sister), Me, Leslie (Heathers friend), Heather
Rita (Heather's Mom), Heather's Grandma, Judy (Chad's Mom)

Me, Judy (my mother-in-law), Heather

Heather got a lot of nice gifts: mostly sheets, dishes, etc. Luckily I was there to spice things up! I got her lingere! WaHoo! Judy made a really nice gift: she made the ring pillow out of her wedding dress. She did the same thing for Todd and I. It was such a special touch!