Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fragments

Joining up with Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments

***My youngest son is participating in a hockey clinic this weekend.  He is excited because he gets to teach younger hockey kids techniques and other related hockey stuff that he says I do not understand.  What do I know, right? I'm just a hockey mom.  ;-)

***Same son was at hockey lessons. He went to undress in the locker room.  To his dismay there was a mom in there putting on her very young son's hockey gear.  I was wondering what was taking my son so long to change.  He came out with the top gear off but bottoms still on.
I asked "What are you doing?"  
"There is this lady in there with kids and I can't change?"  
"Why?" I ask.
  "I have no underwear on."  

***Last weekend hubby made me two raised garden boxes.  I finally planted lettuce seeds.  About a month late than recommended.  When I do plant early the lettuce grows before the tomatoes and peppers.  So what the point if you can't enjoy a salad without other veggies?

***Anyone know how to get those pesky bugs off the front of the car?  I went to the car wash and used a high pressure sprayer.  It looks better, but still yucky.

***Have you seen Small Potatoes on the Disney Channel?  It's the cutest thing.

Happy Weekend!!!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Say it Ain't so, Pepsico!

So, did you hear the one about the fetal tissue in your soda?

I first heard about this issue when my niece Kari contacted me. She knows I drink Diet Pepsi and wanted me to stop because a known ingredient in pepsi (aborted fetus kidneys).

WOAH!  WHAT?????

I did a quick research.  There are many, many internet sites addressing this issue. The ones I chose to use in the post is The Children of God For Life and  Going forward - references for Children of God will be in GREEN and Forbes will be in RED.

This is what I understand:

Senomyx, who has a contract with Pepsico, has been using new technology to create food additives.  They use HEK cells along with other receptors to allow them to test different additives to see whether they taste sweet, sour, spicy etc…  
"The fetus-derived cell line we're talking about was also created around the time I was born.  This is a 35-year-old technology. And it is widely used in cell biology.  And there is no way you'll consume them or that the cells would cause any health problems."
We won't be drinking aborted fetus kidneys after all.  

"Whether a cell line is taken from an abortion done today, yesterday, a year ago or 30 years ago makes no difference. It is still a human cell line, fetal in character with complete DNA intact from the original aborted child. Anything less would render it useless for human applications. It is also not an embryonic stem cell. It is fetal age kidney cells, that is, it was derived from an aborted baby beyond 8 weeks gestation. Morally, it makes no difference whether or not an abortion was done 30 years ago or today either.  Time does not diminish the original act of evil, nor does it lessen the culpability those who knowingly and willingly utilize the remains of aborted children for profit."
GROSS, but they do have a point. 
"The cells, called HEK 293 cells (that stands for human embryonic kidney) were taken from an aborted fetus in the 1970s in the Netherlands. Bits of chopped up DNA from the adenovirus, a virus that causes a pretty severe cold. The kidney cells were forced to take up bits of DNA using a technique invented in 1973 that used a calcium solution. The resulting cells don’t act much like human cells at all, but they are very easy to work with and have become workhorses of cellular biology. That’s why they’re used in the development of drugs and vaccines. (Here’s the original paper on the creation of the HEK cells. ) No new fetal tissue has been used to keep the cell culture going; the use of this cell line isn’t leading to new abortions."
From what I have gathered, the HEK 293 cells have been used to help find vaccines for the chicken pox, rubella and hepatitis A.  Also drugs for cystic fibrosis and rheumatoid arthritis. 
"To non-scientists this may sound a bit strange, but the reality is that HEK 293 cells are widely used in pharmaceutical research, helping scientists create vaccines as well as drugs like those for rheumatoid arthritis. The difference here is that Senomyx’s work for Pepsi is one of the first times the cells have (potentially) been used to create a food or beverage. (And it’s important to note that no part of a human kidney cell are ever a part of Senomyx’s taste enhancers or any finished food products.)"

STOP!  The Children of God for Life just admitted "NO part of a human kidney cell are ever a part of taste enhancers or any finished food product".  
"For Debi Vinnedge, who runs the anti-abortion group Children of God for Life, that doesn’t matter. “It’s the eeew factor. It strikes a really strong reaction in people,” she said in an interview. She points to the fact that one of Senomyx’s patents (not one for a product Pepsi would be using) refers to the way company scientists used mifepristone to get unstable HEK cells to respond — mifepristone being more commonly known as RU-486, the abortion pill."

After reading that The Children of God for Life admitted that human (aborted fetus' are considered human by this group) I feel as if I was being lead astray.  

Debi did get one thing right. It is the "eeew factor" that gets people to react.  In fact  when it comes down to it, this is basically a marketing scheme created by groups to scare people into passing a bill banning stem cell research.

 Nobody is putting "aborted fetuses" in soda.  "Synomix has isolated receptors found on cells that detect taste, and added them to the HEK cells. This allows them to test thousands of potential taste additives to see whether they might taste sweet or savory with a speed that would be impossible with human taste testers." That's all. They're not even IN the soda.

More information pertaining to The Children of God for Life click here

More information pertaining to Forbes and Biotech, you can read here.

My opinion pertaining to this post does not reflect my views on
 abortion or the right to choose.
 We all have different opinions.  I will respect yours if you kindly respect mine.

Derogatory comments will be deleted.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer Vacation Woes

My family and another family want to take a vacation together. Perhaps to an island or resort.  I've been looking at the Sandals resort in Negril Jamaica. It looks gorgeous and promises the world at your feet.

 When I checked out the reviews for this resort, it was astounding how many people complained about bugs in their rooms, bad service, alcoholic drinks that taste like water, bad food and down right horrible vacations!!

 I am afraid to book a trip because of these negative reviews.  
We don't have tons of money and this trip to Jamaica would be stretching our budget. I don't want to spend that kind of money only to have a dream vacation turn into a nightmare.

So if I nix the Jamaica trip, where do we go??

The travel channel has a list of 10 Top Vacation Spots.
Paris, France
New York, NY
Rome, Italy
Cancun, Mexico
London, England
Orlando, Florida
Miami, Florida
San Francisco, California
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Branson, Missouri

When I read the list, I thought - HMMM, Rome. I like wine, I like Italian food. It's a win win for me!

Relais 6 Hotel Rome
had fabulous reviews, but the prices are in Euros. UGH!  
Photos of Relais 6, Rome

This photo of Relais 6 is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This is where I need HELP!

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Does it have things for teenage boys to do?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crack Me Up - Sundays in my City

Thank you Unknown Mami for hosting Sunday In My City.
Check her blog to take a peek through her window and other bloggers too.

Enjoy the view from my city. 
It 'cracked' me up!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mama's gone Gray!

Last weekend was CRAZY busy.
Brandon had FIVE hockey games.
One Friday night, three Saturday and one on Sunday for a Shamrock Tournament.
 He came home Saturday evening and CRASHED!
Slept in on Sunday until it was time to go to the next game.
Refreshed and ready to go!
  I was exhausted ecstatic driving place to place and watching the games.
I don't know how he does it.


Zachary went on a job interview at a new ice cream store.
  It is located right out of our development, so very convenient for us Zach.
We have begged asked Zach to find a job for a few years now.
There are a lot of people interviewing, so cross your fingers for him.


Ahren accumulated a large debt within one weekend.
  Four citations!
Turning left on a red light.
Driving without valid insurance.
Expired Inspection.
Expired Registration.
Whopping $600.00!
When he did get his car inspected it cost him an additional $350.00

Seriously son?? 
 He is almost 23 years old!!  
We paid his insurance until he turned 21.  He did well keeping up with his payments until recently.
I am frustrated!
I don't think I'd be a good parent if I paid his fines for him.
 He needs to learn a hard lesson.


After this weekend, it's no wonder I am turing gray!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sick Day

Working with children in my home does not always allow for me to take sick days.  When I have a common cold or allergies, I have to suck it up and use whatever energy I have to take care of the precious ones.

I must have been exposed to pollen or weeds. For the last 5 days I have had problems with hayfever.  Splitting headache, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, sinus pressure, ears clogged, soar throat and just down right miserable.   Forgive me for not blogging recently.  Thinking a little bit is hard to do right now.
Photo Credi
I have tried different allergy medicines along with a nasal spray.  A friend also recommended taking Airborne.  I have tried most of the over-the-counter medications.  I don't have an infection (yet) so a doctor wont give me any medication.  UGH!

What do you do when your allergies flare up?  I am desperate and will try anything!


Friday, March 9, 2012


Have you heard about this product called Spanx?  
It's anamazing invention by Sara Blakely that has turned her into an overnight sensation when Oprah Winfrey announced this product as one of her favorite items.  Recently Sara was listed as the youngest woman to join the Forbes list of Billionares.

What makes this product a sensation?
Most undergarments are uncomfortable and bulky, show panty-lines, are too thick, stop at the thigh and show bulges through clothing.

 According to Spanx's website, it is a body shaping undergarment unlike most undergarments.
They have body shapers, bras, under garmets, bathing suits and more that give you the perfect amount of support in a comfortable way.  So comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it.

It is pricy.
I wonder, is the cost is worth looking slimmer? - Golden Touch One Piece

To see more products visit the SPANX BLOG or the SPANX WEBSITE .


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop Discrimination

GREAT words by GREAT people!

You Can Play is supported by athletes of all levels and fans in the fight for respect in sports.

In this video: Patrick Burke (Philadelphia), Brian Burke (Toronto), Rick Nash (Columbus), Duncan Keith (Chicago), Brian Boyle (New York), Matt Moulson (New York Islanders), Joffrey Lupul (Toronto), Claude Giroux (Philadelphia), Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa), Scott Hartnell (Philadelphia), Corey Perry (Anaheim), Andy Greene (New Jersey), Dion Phaneuf (Toronto), Henrik Lundqvist (New York).

If you don't see your favorite player or team represented here, just wait. visit over the next few weeks as new players and teams join the You Can Play team.

I am very proud to be a hockey fan.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BFF turns 40!

Chad & Heather, Tami & Todd

Limo has arrived for the birthday girl.

We rode in a white stretch limousine.  It had a bar with wine glasses and ice.
We picked up another couple, Colleen and Scott.
There was more than enough room for the six of us.
Opening birthday gifts.
Heather received two pandora charms: frog (for leap year birthday) and a star (for celebrating her birthday).

Pouring the bubbly!

Arriving in Philadelphia.
The building in the picture is City Hall with at statue of the founder, William Penn at the top.

 We ate at a 5 Star restaurant called Butcher and Singer Steakhouse.

"Butcher and Singer is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill steakhouse. An homage to old Hollywood, low lights and dark woods evoke a feeling reminiscent of a bygone era when women donned full red lips, men wore a suite and tie and post-Prohibition liquor flowed freely."  -Butcher and Singer website

All of us were in awe once we entered the restaurant.  There were huge chandeliers hanging, bull decor everywhere and wait staff that saw to your every need.

The funniest thing we saw was the bathroom doors.  The women's room had Little Red Riding hood on the door and the men's room had the Big Bad Wolf.  Out of character for a 5 Star Restaurant, but put a smile on your face.
I ordered a Pomegranate Martini.  
Holy Schmoly, it was wickedly strong!  
I haven't drank something that strong since I was a teenager  turned 21.  

We had a great time!
Happy Birthday Heather!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shopping for the perfect dress

Friday night Heather and I went shopping.  We were on the hunt for a perfect dress to wear to a birthday dinner celebration for Heather's 40th birthday.

It really seemed like we were there for hours trying on different dresses.

This is just a sample of the ones we tried on.

It really was fun showing off to the hubby's who were waiting on a bench outside the dressing rooms.

Heather had no idea where we were going for dinner.

It's a very classy place in Philadelphia.

Her husband rented a LIMO!

OH! And you cannot forget the shoes!

I know the suspense is killing you... 
tomorrow I will reveal the dresses and location of the dinner party!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hockey Tournament {Sunday In My City}

 My son was recently in a hockey tournament in a town near Philadelphia, PA. 
In this picture it looks like he is going to fall.  Actually #20 fell over and my son landed on his feet. 
Great check Baby!

 This is called a 'hip check'.  
Perfect example (Mommy's bragging rights) of my son checking an opposing player into the boards and prevent the puck being advanced in the offensive zone. 
Thank you Unknown Mami for hosting Sunday In My City.
Check her blog to take a peek through her window and other bloggers too.