Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Miss Ellie Mae is eyeing up the turkey.
I cooked a 25lb turkey in a turkey roaster.
 It's so much easier using the roaster because it frees up the oven for the casseroles I make.
My hubby has the job of carving the turkey.
Some hungry guys are waiting for the yummy turkey.
Everyone pitches in and brings side dishes and dessert.
This turkey had huge legs.
Brandon's favorite part of the turkey is the legs.
Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without my nieces and nephew making crafts.
Morgan read Thanksgiving books to Tyce.
From my family to yours:
Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Preschool Crafts

In celebration of Thanksgiving, these are some of my favorite crafts we did this month.

You can find more at Aunt Tami's House.


Do I really want to Share? {Tuesday Coffee Chat}

Share!  We must share the toys.  Share the crayons.  Share the dolls.  Share the blocks.  Share and be nice to one another!  You must share and be a good friend!

I swear I must say these things one-hundred times a day.  Considering I take care of 7 children at my daycare, 100 is a pretty accurate number.

Toddlers hate to share!  Yes, it can be annoying - but you must remember they are just acting their age. Sharing is a skill that takes a few years for a child to grasp.  It takes a lot of patience to deal with a toddler who screams "Mine!"  
Positive re-enforcement works wonders.  
Punishing a toddler never works.  Instead: don't make a big deal over it, but do let them know you are disappointed and explain why.  

When you see a child sharing: PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!!  
Catch them in the act of sharing and let them know they are a good friend by doing so.  

There are times when sharing isn't the answer.
For example, when you deal with a child who whines that 'so in so' isn't sharing, just so he can get his own way.  Believe it or not, kids can be sneaky that way!  

When I deal with that type of scenario, I ask the children "Who had it first?"  Typically they whiny kid gives it back.  I then tell whiny child "You may play with the toy when 'so in so' is done".
Encourage playing together.
Yelling at a child NEVER works.  It confuses a child and only makes the adult more frustrated.

It's good for children to learn to talk things out amount themselves.  I will prompt "How can you do it together?"  or "What can you do so both of you get a turn?" 

It amazes me to see children interact and come up with their own ideas. 
I shared my idea with you.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Tree

This Thanksgiving I created a center piece that the whole family can enjoy.
The tree has 'Thankful' cards hanging from the branches.
Each family member will fill out a card sharing what they are thankful for.
The card isn't big enough to write everything I am thankful for.
Please know, dear blogger friends, I am thankful for you!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bunny Foo-foo {Sunday In My City}

Meet Bunny Foo-foo
Bunny Foo-foo is a beloved pet who lives at  Aunt Tami's House.

Unknown Mami
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gettin' Crafty {Tuesday Coffee Chat}

Today's Topic: Gettin' Crafty.  Make anything lately?

I make crafts with the kids almost every day.  Last week we talked about forest animals and one of the animals was an owl.  The night-time owl diorama turned out really cute.
Things you need:
8x10 black foam piece, rectangle styrafoam, various sizes of sicks from the backyard, wiggle eyes, stickpins and snow spray (the kind you use to spray your windows with).

It's really easy to make too.  
-glue the wiggle eyes to the black foam, anywhere and as many as you like.
-place sticks in the styrofoam.
-use stickpins to attach the black foam to the styrofoam. (adults only)(I tried glue but it wouldn't stick to the styrofoam).
-spray 'snow spray' around the sticks to make it look like snow drifts. (The snow spray didn't dry very well, so be careful or skip this step).

For other kids crafts go to my daycare blog: Aunt Tami's House


Sunday, November 17, 2013

This is why I love hockey. {Sunday In My City}

I love watching my son play hockey.

Especially when he does this…
and this...
and this….
 and this...
 and THIS!
 Brandon is a defenseman and he is really good at what he does.
This is why I love hockey!

Unknown Mami
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Summer Trunks {Sunday In My City}

Unknown Mami
I must explain before you see the photos below.
My son forgot his swimming trunks and borrowed a pair of his Uncles.
He normally doesn't look this nerdy.
However, his personality is accurately captured in each photo.

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