Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Best Man Dance

I saw a totally different side of my son the night of his friends wedding.
NEVER did I ever image that Ahren would set foot on a dance floor.
Not only was I surprised to see him ON the dance floor, but having FUN dancing!!
He danced with me.
 He danced with the Uncle of the bride.
 With the brides Grandmom.
 And even with the Father of the bride.
He was the BEST best-man EVER and the life of the party!!


Monday, December 7, 2015

I skipped the gym today.

My husband I have been going to the gym since the summer.  He is doing great and lost over 30 lbs. He's looking amazing.   Me?  Not so much. I lost about 10 lbs and gained back 5.  

He is dedicated. Me? Not so much.  At first I was going every day and felt amazing.  Slowly it tapered off and I go on weekends.  (Hence gaining back the 5 lbs).

The downside to blogging about your fitness regime is that you have to broadcast your laziness to the world on the days you decide you just can't fit a workout in your schedule; whether it's because of social plans, family commitments, work, or the need for a few extra hours of sleep.

Or just because you would rather drink wine.

While I whole heartedly agree with the dapper looking fellow above, my reason for skipping today revolves around sleep (or the lack thereof).  Even I don't drink wine at 6:00 am (anymore).